Ep. 85: Stefan Prins – Inhabit Inhibit

We spoke with Stefan Prins about his hour long composition Inhabit Inhibit. The work is for 4 spatialized quartets, 6 feedback soloists & live-electronics. The performance is by soloists of Ensemblekollektiv Berlin & ASKO|Schönberg Ensemble, conducted by Baldur Brönnimann. The episode ends with an except of the opening 13 minutes of the work. We warmly recommend you listen to the rest of the performance here --

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Soundmaking ep. 95: Lisa Moore – No Place to Go But Around (works by Frederic Rzewski )

Season 3, Ep. 95
Australian pianist Lisa Moore talk about her album No Place to Go But Around with pieces by Frederic Rzewski .The album was released by Cantaloupe Music in June 2022, and may be purchased hereWatch the album trailer:…and the video made for the opening track To His Coy Mistress: New York times wrote about the album:“That inviting quality of Moore’s album extends to her latest performance of “Coming Together,” one of Rzewski’s most well-known contributions to the modern repertoire… Moore’s solo voice-and-piano approach takes dramatic notice of references to lovers’ “emotions in times of crisis” that are present in the literary source material…Just as striking is her take on the rarely heard “To His Coy Mistress,” a setting of Andrew Marvell’s poem from the 17th century. Moore’s playing is meticulous when it comes to the compact three-act structure of the music (and its text); she hits the gas with a controlled force" ...“The lushness of some of its (Amoramaro) chords, though, is what strikes me most forcefully on repeat listens. And that’s thanks in part to Moore’s overall approach to Rzewski, which often allows for a greater range of emotion than other interpreters permit, including the composer."