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010 - Interview with Nataliya Cummings

We recorded the interview on 1st October 2020 and what a coincidence that on the same date, 15 years ago, Nataliya and her best friend Tania, founded a theatre in a remote village in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. This project is very close to their heart, as it is encouraging children to engage with arts, it is free and it gives them the possibility of being creative and of building a different kind of path in future in various areas of arts. Usually, they organize a festival to raise funds much needed for running this project, but this year, due to obvious reasons, the festival was cancelled. So if you would like to encourage this project with any donation, here's a link to the JustGiving page.

But this is only one of the many things that Nataliya does to support her community.

Nataliya is normally organizing bespoke and authentic travel experiences in Ukraine (and beyond), but that was severely affected by the pandemic. However, before things go back and running, you should know about these amazing tours so that you can book them when conditions allow.

These travel experiences are very authentic, they are not your usual thing that you can find on the internet. Nataliya always has community and sustainability in mind, so she is very thoughtful about every single aspect of it: travel there and stay as local as possible; only use local transport and local services so that the money can go back to the community, without affecting it from a touristic point of view; engaging with local activities; trying local food and drinks; exploring nature; trying the best to not use any plastic and even doing cleanups etc.  In order to have a better idea about these tours, please visit the Experience Ukraine and Beyond Website.

The other thing that Nataliya does to support the small artisans, is promoting selling their carefully made crafts (sold at markets in the UK or on the website), from embroidered clothing made of very good quality fabrics, to wooden spoons, handwoven bulrush slippers etc.

Nataliya is a joy to talk to, and we even spoke about growing your own food, wonky veg, tasteless food, coriander, food waste and many more interesting subjects.

I hope you enjoy it.

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014-EN - Interview with Daniel Galmiche

Daniel is an amazing multiple-Michelin-starred chef, with a very diverse international career. His awards and accolades speak for themselves , and just to give you a few examples: he was awarded the 2011 rising chef trophy for Relais et Chateau Worldwide, Restaurant of the Year 2012/2013 by Decanter magazine, and has holds position 82 on the list of the top 100 best restaurants in the UK by Restaurant magazine etc. With regular appearances on various TV shows, I was delighted and couldn't believe that Daniel accepted an interview for my podcast! He is very kind, approachable, humble and determined to educate people through food. You can find Daniel on instagram (@galmiche.daniel); on his website ( or on his YouTube channel. We talked about various subjects: from what he misses from France and what he loves in the UK and especially in Scotland; sustainability and ways to be more eco at home; his books; the concept of having a Michelin star dinner at your own house (not during the pandemic of course); his "accents" in the way he cooks; his favorite dish cooked by his lovely wife; the importance of walking in nature, sitting down for a meal and enjoying the moment and many other important messages for you. Talking about his books, Daniel wrote 2 cook books: French Brasserie (and Daniel so kindly gifted us a signed copy, it's absolutely superbe!) and Revolutionary French Cooking (find out in this episode why Daniel didn't publish it in French). He has written a 3rd book as well, it is not released just yet (available from 13th April, you can see the cover on this link with a gorgeous illustration on the cover). Daniel is just a joy to talk to and his knowledge and love for food is just immeasurable. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. After I had the call with Daniel, I was just happy for the rest of the day, such an inspirational chat :) If you would like to support my work, you can buy my art or book a commission (email me or instagram DM @daniela.c.paintings) oryou can browse these products with my art printed on (@feeling.arty). If you would like to donate any amount to support my podcast, you can find me onPatreon(,PayPal( orRevolut(contact me for details).

019-RO - Interviu cu Irina Georgescu

Irina a lansat recent o carte de bucate românești, scrisă în engleză, tradusă în germană și cât de curand va apare versiunea în română. Cartea (Carpathia – Food from the heart of Romania) care a cunoscut în scurt timp succes la nivel internațional, poate fi găsită în mai multe librării, în mai multe țări, inclusiv România (lista cu link-uri este aici). Eu, ca de obicei, am sărit înaintea carului și am contactat-o pe Irina, ca doar după ce am stabilit data interviului să îmi dau seama că există o listă extensivă de interviuri cu ea, ca National Geographic Food Magazine, Now Serving -LA, Adevărul, BBC Good Food; cu mențiuni în Forbes, Waitrose Weekend, LA Times, ba chiar și o recenzie de nimeni alta decât zeița bucătăriei Nigella Lawson; și multe, multe alte surse.. Însă Irina a fost foarte generoasă cu timpul ei pentru acest episod de podcast. în care am vorbit în principal despre mâncare desigur, cu câteva detalii din spatele cortinei. Mi-a fost interesant să descopăr experiențe similare în legătura cu percepția generală a englezilor față de mâncare, dar și experiențe similare de la noi de acasă. Mi-i dragă de Irina și sunt sigură că veți avea același sentiment. Vedeți ce poze frumoase face Irina pentru instagam (@irina.r.georgescu) și delectați-vă cu rețetele pe care le împarte cu noi. Poza de pe podcast este de pe website-ul Irinei ( Pe mine mă găsiți pe Instagram @moldovan_abroad și picturi pe @daniela.c.paintings Dacă vă place podcast-ul meu și vreți să mă susțineți (fără nici o obligație), pentru că eu fac acest podcast din plăcere, singură și neplătită de nimeni, mă găsiți pe patreon (, PayPal (

013-EN - Interview with Elena Russu

Elena started a very interesting concept with her friend Svetlana: Sketch and Brunch - a Sunday meeting in a London café with various artists. And it's thanks to an online session with this group that I realized that I am better at listening and I am less nervous when I paint and talk and I had a vision of the last version of the concept of my podcast (because I have been thinking about making a podcast for more than a year, but I kept changing ideas in my head). Since I met Elena online, she has been a great support for me: she always listens to my podcasts, but first and foremost she is very knowledgeable. As an artist herself, she has a keen interest in anything related to art: from techniques, materials, styles, artists, history, museums, movies etc. Her background is in architecture so she can tell you a lot about that as well! This episode is around art as you can imagine, we touched on various subjects like: pigments, the importance of art, modern art (which I sometimes don't understand haha), what is it like working as an architect in London and many other things, all of this while laughing our heads off! Photos by @tureacfotograf for @brilliance_review You can find Elena on the following accounts: @sketchandbrunch (Elena and Svetlana Lierre ) @sunnycolors_art (Art) @rainbow_artstudio_london (lessons for children) @createcraftlondon (handmade prints) @lettering_er (lettering) @ellena_russu_traveller (travel) If you would like to support my work, you can buy my art or book a commission (email me or instagram DM @daniela.c.paintings) oryou can browse these products with my art printed on (@feeling.arty). If you would like to donate any amount to support my podcast, you can find me onPatreon(,PayPal( orRevolut(contact me for details).