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E25 That Great Business Show, Impact Gumshields, , Equine MediRecord, AIMapIT

Season 1, Ep. 25

E25 That Great Business Show, Ireland's best business podcast.

2.00' A hilarious insight into the first seven years of start-up with former advertising exec James Murphy explaining the highly unusual and very, very painful way he found to attract a million viewers to learn about his patented gum shield. It involves Ian Madigan testing the gum shield, but not where or how you might think! Have a look here; After 'a mere' three and a half years Impact has finally secured a patent on its software. Next stop the world. To complete his Impact Gum Shield early executive team James explains why 'he'd hire Dan Weiden (creator of Nike 'just do it' strapline) in a heartbeat'.

26' The Ward family owned the Mothercare franchise in Ireland for decades but with the collapse of the UK mothership the Irish franchise finally foundered and the family business went down with it. Marketing director Laura Ward was in Mothercare HQ in Watford, UK the day the story broke. She heard not from management, but she saw it on Sky News. She tells That Great Business Show how traumatic that was. Now, the Ward siblings have started again with - an online version of what they had - but with a greater emphasis on backing small Irish businesses. Laura wants relevant businesses to contact her with a view to a listing. Her 'Hire in Heartbeat' is Chrissy Teigen. She explains how having Chrissie onboard could make her business go global.

47' You may think you know the horse business. That is until you listen to Equine MediRecord co-founder Pierce Dargan. He trots us through the worldwide market opportunities for his software, markets that include Sweden where horse trotting is massive (who knew?), New Zealand where bloodstock makes a mark on the country's GDP, Poland - famed for its Winged Hussars. In total he gives 60,000,000 reasons why his TCD Tangent backed business has a massive global opportunity. As well as hiring his grandad, famous industrialist Michael Dargan, in a heartbeat he also wants Andrew Lloyd Webber in his posse. Find out why.

1.09' Next time you look at a lamppost, say to yourself, 'there's a business in that'. The same goes for a park bench, a road sign, a telegraph pole. The great news for another TCD Tangent backed company, is that their very early stage AI company is already getting traction from large enterprises who want to count the 2 million lamp poles in Ireland, or the 5.5 million poles in the UK. Co-founder Julie Connelly says that because it's at such an early stage the business opportunities are only beginning (a Greek company has already come calling). Listen to see if you have a business idea that could you use their business idea. Julie's 'heartbeat hire' is Padraig O'Donoghue of Surecom Technology. He'll be scarlet when he hears why!

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  • 181. E181 - Don't give up. Rejected after ten minutes, hired by the same company after five days.

    E181 That Great Business Show with Conall O MorainMarketing Director of PUIG (they own many of the world's biggest perfume brands), Ashley McDonnell on getting a 'no' from PUIG HR ten minutes after submitting her job application. Find out how she got hired five days later. If you work in TV, wait'll you hear what's happening in China. TV in China is dead. Livestreaming 24 hours a day is the future. And if you're an out-of-work actor, good news. You'll now be working in sales. You'll be expected to sell one product every 90 seconds though. BTW, Influencers remain really, really important. So become an Influencer. The good news, your gifts from the brands will never run out. She's uses Workplace, powered by Facebook, to keep track of her five hundred plus marketers. Her advice for best platform? The one you hate least! (She does recommend Instagram and the app CapCut)And, if you're still with us, she says that Blockchain is the next big thing for the luxury industry. It proves your Chanel bag is a real Chanel bag. Her 'hire in a heartbeat'(s) are @Laoise O Connell and @Amy Jafari , two of her former interns. Hire them now.We love accessible businesses. We're joined by founders of one such business. Pizza da Piero bases makers Piero (!) and Clíona join Team GBS to explain how they've managed to build a recognised Irish food brand and how difficult it was. Piero has been a baker since 15, he worked in London where he met Cliona 22 years ago, heading for Galway. He worked there for Jimmy Griffin, a man Piero still loves. Piero had the itch though, and had to, had to set up on his own, encouraged by his friends telling him his dough was exceptional. They were first with fresh pizza bases in the chilled cabinet but are now faced with copycat pizza makers. Cliona is a teacher, useful to keep the early stage business afloat, who have been hugely supportive by her school, St. Andrew's College in Dublin. The talked and talked to as many people who they could find. Tip: business people will always help, so long as you're not eating their lunch (or pizza in this case).They want to get into all @Supervalu (they're already in all Tesco stores). Piero admits he's very conservative, but they are looking at exports. They are already into Indie Foods in Northern Ireland. They have ordered a bread oven, as focaccia making is on their horizon.Cliona's 'hire in a heartbeat' is Síle Walsh, an 'inclusive leadership' coachPiero's 'hire in a heartbeat' is his old boss, master baker Jimmy Griffin from Galway.Kindly supported by
  • 180. E180 That Great Business Show - OohPod expands further into N. Ireland, your way around Brexit - Akara robotics genius on her Leaving Cert results (and cracking the States)

    E180 That Great Business Show with Conall O MóráinJohn Tuohy of OohPod has just raised a further €5.4 million to expand his parcel locker business across Ireland and next to the UK. He has 120 locations at the moment and he wants to get to 300 in the next 12 months. Next he's going to help return items for online shopping companies.His solution can help you get around those troublsome Brexit taxes. Buy in the UK. Ship to Jonesboro near Newry, collect and go home. Done. And all legal. 14% of the Republic's population go shopping in Northern Ireland. He's also working closely with Lidl and Tesco for space to place his parcel lockers. He talks PUDO as well. Listen and learn. The BIG news is that OohPod has landed Philip Reynolds as chair. He's the former boss at C&D Foods, a business he sold to Larry Goodman.And his 'hire in a heartbeat' is Rafal Brzoska.Niamh Donnelly is co-founder of robotics company Akara. The lengths she has gone to to see how her robots are used, including spending 3 months in a US nursing home, watching how the residents interacted with her robot, and that included doing what the residents did - dinner at 8pm and off to bed at 10pm! She's been working on her robot 'Violet' for the last three years, proving how effective 'Violet' is in cleaning medical facility rooms. The business is not about cutting out manual cleaners, but helping to turn around hospital beds much, much more quickly. They've already landed their first sale. Their Irish 'partner' at the moment is Donnybrook Hospital, where Niamh would like to live! There are two robots heading to NHS facilities in the coming weeks. The business is 'as a service', so clients don't buy the robots. After the UK, it's on to the vast US market, and maybe even an IPO. But first they need twenty hospitals to work with them.Outside of health it seems that cannabis growers need UV cleaning for their products.They have Enterprise Ireland backing and angel funding from Growing Capital. They're funding again, but not telling TeamGBS how much at the moment.Her 'hire in a heartbeat', Liam Casey, CEO, PCH International. Supported by
  • 179. E179 That Great Business Show - Finally, you'll have digital access to your health records - Help! business assist from Third Level brains

    E179 That Great Business ShowGer Davis, managing director of Irish Life HealthA year and a half ago, on episode 90 of That Great Business Show, we had a special recording with Professor Martin Curley, who at that time was heading the digital transformation of the Irish Health System at the HSE. His insights were truly fascinating. Martin is no longer with the HSE but the problems remain. So, on this episode, we’ve asked Ger Davis, MD of Irish Life Health, how he would fix the Irish Health no pressure then...His 'hire in a heartbeat', Gary Keegan, IRFU adviser. Ruth Cosgrave and Breda O’Dwyer, Munster Technological UniversityIf you attend your Local Enterprise Office or LEO, or Enterprise Ireland courses on how to grow your business, you’re often told to get expert help from a Third Level College to help with technical problems you may have. However, we’ve often wondered how that works in practice, is it that easy to find the right people to help you, and if and when you do find them, how much does it all cost??And, their hire in a heartbeatRuth McCarthy, Head of Compliance at FexcoWith thanks to  
  • 178. E178 That Great Business Show - Wealth management sector consolidation & SIA Partners, the consultancy you've never heard of

    E178 That Great Business Show CEO Paul Merriman, Fairstone Ireland A little over a year ago financial planning firm PAX was bought by UK wealth management company Fairstone, the first move for Fairstone into Ireland. And they have ambitious plans for Ireland. BTW, we believe Paul may have broken the Irish speech speed record during our chat! And if Gary Vaynerchuk is listening, Paul would like to hire you.Gary O’Sullivan, Managing Partner at Sia PartnersThe little known consultancy firms Sia Partners have 80 people working for them in Ireland, and going for growth…hoping to double again in the next two to three years. The Paris HQ’d multinational business claims specialisation including in new areas such as the metaverse and the space sectors. Doctor Drone, Bobby Healy of Manna, is Gary's 'hire in a heartbeat'.With thanks to - the world's best shaving oil. 
  • 177. E177 That Great Business Show - where to live to avoid taxes. And, how to use CRM to make your business sooo much more profitable

    E177 That Great Business ShowThis is simple. You have to listen to all of the podcast to find out where to go to live, (and live well) and save tax. There are (plural!) answers from Waterford's Stephanie Wickham who knows these things. The answer may surprise you, but it's so good that Stephanie is taking her own advice! Separately, Natalie Garland Cooke of (and Waterford) has advised Stephanie about how to properly use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that allows her to take two MONTHS off in the sun. And the cost starts at a very affordable €40 a month. That Great Business Show - making your life a bed of roses!BTW, they want Aisling Bea and Mary Portas to come work with them, to make your dreams come true.
  • 176. E176 That Great Business Show - Luke Mackey, CEO, Kota - Former Connecticut State Senator, Brian McDermott

    E176 That Great Business Show with Conall O MóráinLuke Mackey is co-founder and CEO of Kota - aiming to be the Stripe of the insurance industry, allowing businesses from 2 to 200 to instantly set up pension, health insurance and life assurance providers globally with real-time enrolment, flexible contributions, and an employee app – all in one place. They've already raised €7.6m, and they're ready to take on the world. First Ireland, then the UK and EU...and then the mighty US. Listen to see if you're company could use his company? And former Connecticut State senator, Brian McDermott, rounds off our BeachHeadUSA mini-series, with a request to US companies to set up in Ireland, particularly to his family’s hometown of Dundalk. Like Connecticut, situated neatly between New York and Boston, Dundalk he points out is beautifully located between Dublin and Belfast. You get the best of both worlds, all at 'the right price'. With thanks to De Facto Shave dot com.If you like what you hear, please join the conversation, send your comments and tips, and share with your pals in business.
  • 175. E175 That Great Business Show - Ger Horn, PhD, glove maker - Andrew Lynch, CEO, Mason Alexander

    On E175 That Great Business Show with Conall O Móráin Gerard Horn is the third generation of the Horn family that has been making gloves in Dublin. Back in the 1960s they were employing more than a 100 people, making gloves fro Christian Dior, Harrods, Bloomingdales and Saks. They also had a contract to supply 10,000 First Communion gloves. The disaster struck and their factory, along with 80 machines, burnt down. They eventually bought two machines from a UK glove maker that was closing down and they’re still in business making gorgeous gloves. And Andrew Lynch, CEO Mason Alexander, always, always wanted to be an entrepreneur…so started selling ponchos….a business that didn’t last a wet day…but he’s now running his own international business…and he's part of our #BeachHeadUSA mini-series. Essential listening if the USA is a target market for your business.
  • 174. E174 That Great Business Show - Brian O'Donoghue, Grant Thornton - Megan Clark Torrey, The World Affairs Council of Connecticut

    E174 That Great Business Show with Conall O MorainWith thanks to De Facto com Brian O’ Donoghue, Director - AML, FinCrime, Risk, Governance, Regulatory @ Grant Thornton IrelandBrian tells us about some brilliant, but well hidden, government funded upskilling programmes particularly in his own fintech area. He found his course by chance but is now spreading the love, and knowledge about them, on That Great Business Show.Like so many, Brian was not a university graduate and despite his experience he was turned down flat for some jobs. He explains how he navigated his way around that deficit and why employers, should or must, recognise 'on the job training, or apprenticeship training as it used to be called, if those employers want to find the best talent.Megan Clark Torrey is CEO of The World Affairs Council of Connecticut, a non-profit, nonpartisan organisation that promotes greater awareness and dialogue on important global issues, including business. This model has not been replicated in Ireland, so it might be an opportunity for one of our loyal listeners? 
  • 137. E137 That Great Business Show - economist Alan McQuaid, Apple and Goldman Sachs go banking, Maryrose Lyons, ChatGPT giving time back to your business

    E137 That Great Business ShowPhone maker Apple ($165 billion in cash on balance sheet) and Goldman Sachs are joining forces to take on the US savings market - it's not quite banking, yet, but it does mean savers will have high yield accounts in their pockets, ready for spending. Who gets your spending pattern knowledge? Apple, with 2 billion devices worldwide, does of course. It's the future according to Moodys and Forbes. Independent economist and former banker Alan McQuaid throws a critical eye for us on what's coming down the banking tracks.ChatGPT can take a lot of the donkey work out of your marketing AND your day-to-day admin. Maryrose Lyons, BrightSpark Consulting, explains how to prompt (it's the word du jour) your ChatGPT account to deliver a whole slew of marketing material. Don't pretend we haven't told you, because it's not going away and the sooner you learn about it and adopt it, the sooner you'll be ahead of the posse. You can find her AI courses for everyone from beginners to IT professionals here www.instituteofaistudies.comWith thanks to DoneDeal Motors