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Scoochpod - 033 A life in the service of speed!

In this podcast we sit down with a Norwegian institution; Kjell Aaen! This man has stories and is both willing and able to tell them! He takes us for a ride from the early days with a motorized bicycle via a Hillman Imp Sport on gravel tracks to home built four wheel drive turbo Beetles in the eighties and NA beetles in Rally National! We talk about how he started his famous motor sport & VW tuning shop; Kvikk service. How it employed five people and delivered 3-5 high performance VW engines a week in its heyday. Kjell has been involved in the organizer side of Norwegian motor sport but has also worked as a mechanic in others peoples race-programs. Like when he helped Tore H. Bratlie in conquering Pikes Peak in 1987 in a MG Metro Turbo! This is a podcast with Norwegian language.  

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