Live Your own Way - with Lucy Gleeson Interiors


Chat with Co-Founder of Divine Savages - Jamie Watkins

Season 3, Ep. 3

Divine Savages create maximalist and wonderfully bold interiors and in just a short space of 4 years they have had great success with their wallpapers, textiles and home accessories. Their prints are timeless while encapturing eras and each time with a quirky twist.

I ask Jamie all about he and his husband Tom Kennedys' career change from the world of TV and fashion to starting Divine Savages, what inspires their cool collection names and all about the process of each range they come up with.

We are both in complete agreement on why a bathroom should be bold and brave in colour - and what spurred one of their first ever products being show stopping shower curtains.

Jamie gives some great advice about starting your own creative brand and we also discuss how their recent collaborations with National History Museum and Heals - real milestones in a designers career.

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