Live Your own Way - with Lucy Gleeson Interiors


Chat with Co Founder of Coat Paints

Season 3, Ep. 5

Great to chat with Co Founder Rob Abrahams of Coat Paints who along with fellow Founder Rob Green created their conscience led designer brand just 18 months ago. It is the first climate positive paint company on the planet!

We discuss what this entails and how they keep to their word plus what drove their passion to start Coat Paints in the first instance.

It was really interesting to delve in to paint VOC's and what they actually mean. A term that we hear often these days.

Have we changed our colour choices in the last few years - are we influenced by the world around us? What are the staple hues that Rob sees as the most popular?

I ask how they make their different formulas and which are suitable for usage in areas in our homes? 

With some fantastic collaborations under their belt already including Heals - how did they create the perfect palettes for the customers?

Lots more about their latest paints and what's coming next for them as a business this year.

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