The IKEA Australia Podcast Series


Life at Home | Mindful Masterpieces with Fintan Magee

Each year IKEA launches its Life at Home Report; it’s the longest running and biggest study of life at home across 30 different countries. This year the report found that privacy is lacking in our lives, which has a big impact on our general wellbeing. Privacy is one of the most important emotional needs at home, however it is also one that Australians feel they don’t get enough of.  

One of the ways we can enhance privacy in our home is by spending time in activities that encourage mindfulness. One of these activities, loved by many Australians, is creating your own mindful masterpieces.   

We chat to one of Australia’s most inspirational street artists, Fintan Magee, about the role art plays in our life at home, with advice on how we can begin to experiment with art, even if you haven’t created anything for a long time. 

Learn more about Fintan’s involvement with the IKEA Mindsets campaign here: