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Welcome to an <a href="">IMHO reviews</a> podcasts. We are excited to start a podcast and reach more people that are interested in what we have to offer. Thank you for being with us. Stay tuned for new episodes. Please visit our comp...

Welcome to an IMHO reviews podcasts. We are excited to start a podcast and reach more people that are interested in what we have to offer. Thank you for being with us. Stay tuned for new episodes. Please visit our compan
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Skillshare Review And Skillshare Free Trial Explained | IMHO Reviews

Season 1, Ep. 1
Why are we talking about Skillshare? What is it exactly?Most of us have been stuck at home for weeks, and it seems like people are divided into 2 types now: those who spend their days binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, eating junk food, and wasting time on social media, and those who focus on more productive things and use this time to grow personally and professionally. If you belong to the second type, and you are constantly looking for ways to learn new things, expand your knowledge, create healthy habits, improve your business, or even become the next "Coronapreneur", then I think you would really benefit from using Skillshare. But before we get any further, let's take a closer look at the Skillshare platform so you know what it is and how it works.Skillshare is an online learning platform that has been on the market for over ten years. At this point, Skillshare has more than 25,000 classes available to Premium members and more than 2,000 classes available at no cost. Skillshare offers unlimited access to courses for a small monthly fee of either $15 per month if billed monthly, or $8,25 ($99 per year) if billed annually.Most classes are awesome:They are straight to the point meaning that you learn material faster.You can ask questions, participate in discussions, and get feedback.Each class includes a project that you get to share with other students and/or include on your resume.The classes are short (some last as little as 15 minutes) but that doesn't mean that they lack quality.What about instructors? Are they any good?Yes! The majority of instructors are professionals in their field of expertise. Every Skillshare course has a rating and comment section. Those courses that have good reviews appear higher in the search results making it easy to find high-quality classes taught by the best teachers.Keep in mind, that Skillshare allows anyone to become an instructor and create a class. And sometimes you could come across a low-quality class created by a new member. However, they usually get removed from the platform fairly quickly.Here are some of the benefits that make Skillshare stand out among the competitors:Excellent courses where you can learn new skills and enhance your knowledge. Skillshare often recruits new instructors ensuring students have the best quality of expertise available to them.Learning on the go is easy for premium members. Skillshare allows downloading classes offline, and the mobile app is very user-friendly.A very competitive pricing model helps ensure that anyone who wants to learn gets a chance to do so. And I really mean anyone. First of all, they are over two thousand free classes on Skillshare. And, second, Skillshare offers a 60-day free trial for you to try the service.If you are a professional and you wish to share your skills with others, you can create courses and earn some money.Is Skillshare worth it?Skillshare is definitely worth it. It is a unique opportunity to learn new skills or improve existing ones on the cheap. I personally have been using Skillshare for a few years now, and it works perfectly for me. I truly believe in this learning platform and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore new skills.There is so much more to know about Skillshare that I haven't shared here. If you want to learn more about the platform, then I invite you to read a full review written by IMHO Reviews and a recently published comparison review of Udemy vs. Skillshare.

Why Audible Is Better Than Other Audiobook Services? | IMHO Reviews

Season 1, Ep. 3
If you are an avid audiobook listener, you have probably heard of Audible before. But in case you haven't, I'm going to tell you a bit about it. Here is acomplete review.Audible is the largest marketplace for audiobooks in the world. Its library boasts an impressive collection of over 450,000 audiobooks.How much does Audible cost?Audible offers different monthly and annual plans. The Gold plan costs $14,95 a month or $149,50 per year and includes 1 credit (that can be redeemed for one audiobook) each month. The Platinum plan costs $22,95 a month or $229,50 per year and includes 2 credits each month.Audible also offers a30-day free trialto anyone who wants to try out the service at no cost. If you decide to sign up for a free trial, you will get 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals.Things I Love About Audible- Audible's library is massive. It has every book I have ever wanted to read.- I find Audible to be reasonably priced for what I'm getting. There are cheaper services but the quality - or quantity - can't compete.- You can actually return and exchange any book you are not satisfied with! This feature alone makes it stand out among its competitors.- Audible membership comes with a lot of perks, like a 30% discount on additional purchases, 2 Audible Originals of your choice every month, access to Original Premium podcasts, guided medication and fitness programs, Daily Deal that lets you purchase a new audiobook every day at a reduced price, and more.- The app is very user-friendly and is compatible with most devices.- The quality of audiobooks is superb.- It is possible to download audiobooks on your device for offline listening.- You get lifetime access to all the audiobooks you purchase. That means that even if you end your subscription, the books are yours to keep.What About Audible Cons?The only downside of Audible I can think of is its price. As I've said earlier, I think that is it a good value for money, but I know that some people might find it to be too expensive.Is Audible Worth It?Yes, in my opinion, Audible is worth it. It is a great service that offers a huge selection of audiobooks that I can just read online or download onto my phone. I enjoy all the cool features of the platform, and the price is good, too.Are There Any Audible Alternatives?Fulllist of top services!Sure, there are quite a few actually. The best one isScribd. It is a good option for those who find Audible's price to be too high. Scribd membership costs only $8,99 a month and includes unlimited access to all the titles library. It offers a much wider variety of content, including, audiobooks, e-books, sheet music, magazines, etc. If you cancel your subscription you won't be able to access your downloads anymore.Another service I can recommend It has a slightly smaller library than Audible, but it still offers a good variety of books. For $14,95 a month members get one credit that equals one audiobook and an extra listening from the VIP Rewards section. You can purchase more credits if needed. If you cancel the subscription, you will still keep all the books you purchased for credits, but not the ones from the VIP Rewards section. Membership also includes free access to over 700,000 podcasts. If you are interested in trying the service, you can sign up for a30-day free trial.

Envato Elements: How Does It Work? Is It Good? | IMHO Reviews

As a content creator, you know all too well that having easy access to high-quality digital assets enhances the quality of your work. However, spending hundreds of dollars on just one video clip would be irrational. There must be another way, right? Luckily, there is. One of my to-go services for downloading digital assets is called Envato Elements. It is a subscription-based service, meaning that for a flat monthly fee of only $33 you get unlimited access to the whole library. And let me tell you, it is huge! There are millions of high-quality digital assets in there, everything from stock footage, music, and photos, to Wordpress themes, fonts, web templates, and more. New files are being constantly added, so you will never find yourself short of stock media. LearnIs Envato Elements Legitarticle?And what about licensing? Are there any things you should be aware of?Envato Elements licensing is pretty straightforward. All the files in the library have the same terms. What you need to know is that when you download any asset you get a license for just a single-use. And if you want to use it again, you will need to register it one more time for different use. The good news is that all the files can be used for both personal and commercial projects. And obviously, if you cancel your membership, you won't be able to download any new files from the library. However, all the files that you registered before will still be covered.What exactly is included in the subscription?As mentioned above, the Envato Elements subscription grants unlimited access to all the files in the library. Yes, you got it right: you can download as many files as you want from all categories as long as your subscription is active. Sounds too good to be true, but that is how it works. On top of that, you also get free access to an online learning platform called Tuts+, which has thousands of e-books, courses, and guides on a variety of topics, from Web Design to Photo and Video.Does Envato Elements offer any discounts?In my opinion, the price for a monthly subscription is already super low considering the amount of stock you'd be getting. However, if you get an annual membership, you will be getting a 50% discount, and pay only $16,50 a month($198 per year plus taxes).Students can get an additional 30% discount on both monthly and annual subscriptions.Envato Elements doesn't offer a free trial option at the moment.Are there any cons?Yes, there are. I have yet to find a perfect service that has no drawbacks. I find it really annoying that Envato Elements lets you download video files only in .mov format because it takes a very long time for me to convert them afterward. Envato Elements also has pretty lousy support. Other than these two things, I have no complaints.Why do I believe that Envato Elements is worth the money?- It offers competitive prices. If you compare the cost of different subscription-based stock services, you will see, that Envato Elements has the lowest prices.- It has an impressive library and the widest range of digital assets compared to other platforms.- It offers many perks to the members, such as free access to Tuts+.- It saves me a lot of time because I can find all the assets I need for my project in its library.- It has easy licensing.Overall, Envato Elements is a great choice for web developers, content creators, and even marketers. If you are interested in learning more about the platform, you can check out recent the IMHO Reviews article that talks about all the features of Envato Elements.