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The Mistakes That Shaped Me

Video Fast Forward | Audio Story | Part 1

Season 8, Ep. 1

Connected TV is one of the most talked about topics in town, and we’re all in agreement….. a huge opportunity for the industry. It promises to be the best of both worlds – the premium TV experience with all the benefits of digital for consumers and advertisers. But are we there yet? Does the experience on streaming platforms feel like TV for consumers?

In this series of AshtonCast, Video Fast Forward, proudly brought to you by our friends at PubMatic we will answer this question and more with interviews from Nicola Lewis, Chief Investment Officer at GroupM ANZ, Nick Young, Director of Sales - Digital & Publishing, 9 and Peter Barry, Regional Director, ANZ & Head of Audience, APAC at PubMatic.

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  • 3. Episode 3: Emily Paladino

    Emily Paladino is the Head of Customer Insights at Country Road Group and has the daunting task of feeding her team’s insights directly into the business strategy across all five of their brands (Country Road, Trenery, Witchery, Politix and Mimco). Emily’s 20 plus years experience oscillates between insights, strategy & planning and creative development & execution.This chat will discuss how impactful customer experiences, particularly negative ones can stay with you, in her case for more than 25 years, and how they can leave a lasting impression on whether you end up buying the fancy Italian bag or not….it will make sense in a minute.
  • 2. Episode 2: Nektarea Cameron-Smith

    Nektarea Cameron-Smith is currently Head of Customer Experience at Up and obsessed with building authentic customer relationships that deliver deliberate and consistent experiences. Combining empathy and analytics, Nektarea has created some industry leading experiences at Up. Up, is a digital bank that's making money easy for over 700,000 Australians. Today we explore how the over use of NPS and over surveying can be as damaging as it can be insightful.
  • 1. Episode 1: Damian Madden

    Damian Madden is a creative strategist who works on experience and creative transformation for luxury and fashion brands globally. Currently the Director of Digital Transformation & CX at Pernod Ricard he is also the founder and creative director of ANOTHERSIDE, a Korean/Australian streetwear label promoting youth mental health, and the art collective asinglepiece. As an ardent believer in the power of art to transform, he has worked all over the world to make art more accessible and inclusive through creative storytelling, innovative technology and data-driven strategy,
  • 1. Why Innovating Matters In Programmatic Advertising | Audio Story | Part 1

    Why does innovation matter in programmatic advertising? Put simply, without innovation all things wither and fade into obscurity…or die. But how do you remain innovative in the fast-moving world of programmatic? Drawing interesting parallels between the history of the film industry and programmatic, grab 22 mins to find the answer to this question and be thoroughly entertained in the meantime. This series of AshtonCast, Why Innovating Matters In Programmatic Advertising, is proudly brought to you by the Programmatic Summit, the region’s most important programmatic, digital and adtech conference. We’re featuring interviews with Ryan Menezes, Chief Technology and Transformation Officer at GroupM, Natalie Minter, Product Manager - Agencies & Brands at flybuys, and Tim Armstrong, Head of Digital Platforms, Capability and Audience, NOVA Entertainment. 
  • 1. Programmatic Bytes | Jonathan Wan | Japan Airlines | Part 1

    In this episode of AshtonCast we provide an exclusive listen to the keynote presentation from Jonathan Wan, Director of Global Marketing, Media & Social, Japan Airlines which he did at the 2020 Programmatic Summit. This was recorded just before COVID started to kick off. In this session Wan will reveal challenges the Japanese flag carrier has encountered on its path to improve programmatic, will question why programmatic campaigns can turn out so pedestrian and will share some tips to help you not only avoid certain pitfalls, but to push ahead with programmatic confidence.
  • 4. Video Fast Forward | Peter Barry | Pubmatic | Part 4

    In part four of the Video Fast Forward series we chat with Regional Director, ANZ & Head of Audience, APAC at PubMatic. Peter has been at PubMatic since 2015 and has been involved in rolling out their suite of products across Australia and New Zealand. These include their market leading omni channel header bidding solution, OpenWrap, as well as Audience Encore and Identity Hub. Peter has a comprehensive industry network both in ANZ and the wider APAC region, and regularly speaks at events. He manages a diverse team of sales and tech people in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.He's originally from Ireland and is a bit of an industry legend!Brought to you by our friends at PubMatic.
  • 3. Video Fast Forward | Nicola Lewis | GroupM | Part 3

    In part three of the Video Fast Forward series we chat with Nicola Lewis, Chief Investment Officer, GroupM. Nicola is a media executive with extensive experience across all channels, including a strong point of view on digital integration, and digital transformation. She currently leads the investment function at the biggest media investment group in Australia – GroupM. Brought to you by our friends at PubMatic.
  • 2. Video Fast Forward | Nick Young | Nine | Part 2

    In part two of the Video Fast Forward series we chat with Nick Young, Director of Sales - Digital & Publishing at Nine. Nick has over 15 years’ experience in the media industry and shares his views on all things CTV. Brought to you by our friends at PubMatic.