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The Mistakes That Shaped Me

How Does Empathy Impact CX? | Elyssia Clark | SEEK | | Part 2

Season 6, Ep. 2

In the second episode of the empathy in CX series, brought to you by our friends at Genesys, we chat with Elyssia Clark, Head of Customer Insights and Strategy at SEEK.

As someone who strives to put the customer at the centre of their thinking at SEEK, we speak to Elyssia about:

-         The impact COVID-19 has had on our ability to meet the needs of our customers

-         How we can continue to keep our finger on the pulse regarding customer needs, behaviours and attitudes

-         How we can nurture customer trust to build long-lasting customer relationships

-         What the role of CX looks like as we navigate the road to recovery and beyond

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  • 7. Episode 7: Adam Novak

    In this episode, we chat with the very funny and very accomplished Adam Novak, Head of Experience and Transformation at CBHS. He has over two decades of experience across brand, strategy, CX, digital transformation and service design. We chat about the importance of attention to detail (in both your work and personal lives!), and the risks that come from jumping the gun and saying yes to something before you have the full picture.
  • 6. Episode 6: Claire Raeburn

    Since we recorded this episode with Claire, her role has evolved as she now leads the Product and Experience Functions at Contact Energy. Her claim to fame is doing the impossible – making energy bills understandable to regular people without accountancy diplomas.  Previously she picked up rubbish for a local council the UK (by letting people report local messes thru a chatbot). Prior to that she looked after digital service for the UK’s largest telco (EE), winning a few “best online service” gongs in the process. 
  • 5. Episode 5: Karen Shepard

    Karen Sheppard, Head of Customer Insights at the amazing Endeavour Group. Karen got her first taste (pun intended) of market research as a student running blind taste tests on potato chips. With over 20 years of experience working in market research and insights on both agency and client side, she has worked across a range of industries from Tobacco to Healthcare.Today we explore how just using the latest and great technology is not enough alone to guarantee success. We also cover T-Shape Leadership which places an increased value on developing your understanding beyond your specialism if you want to successfully lead cross-functional teams.
  • 4. Episode 4: Kate Young

    Kate Young, Executive Manager, Marketing Strategy & Capability at ANZ has deep background in CX spanning financial services, retail, property management, health and wellbeing as well as hospitality and tourism.
  • 3. Episode 3: Emily Paladino

    Emily Paladino is the Head of Customer Insights at Country Road Group and has the daunting task of feeding her team’s insights directly into the business strategy across all five of their brands (Country Road, Trenery, Witchery, Politix and Mimco). Emily’s 20 plus years experience oscillates between insights, strategy & planning and creative development & execution.This chat will discuss how impactful customer experiences, particularly negative ones can stay with you, in her case for more than 25 years, and how they can leave a lasting impression on whether you end up buying the fancy Italian bag or not….it will make sense in a minute.
  • 2. Episode 2: Nektarea Cameron-Smith

    Nektarea Cameron-Smith is currently Head of Customer Experience at Up and obsessed with building authentic customer relationships that deliver deliberate and consistent experiences. Combining empathy and analytics, Nektarea has created some industry leading experiences at Up. Up, is a digital bank that's making money easy for over 700,000 Australians. Today we explore how the over use of NPS and over surveying can be as damaging as it can be insightful.
  • 1. Episode 1: Damian Madden

    Damian Madden is a creative strategist who works on experience and creative transformation for luxury and fashion brands globally. Currently the Director of Digital Transformation & CX at Pernod Ricard he is also the founder and creative director of ANOTHERSIDE, a Korean/Australian streetwear label promoting youth mental health, and the art collective asinglepiece. As an ardent believer in the power of art to transform, he has worked all over the world to make art more accessible and inclusive through creative storytelling, innovative technology and data-driven strategy,
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