How Does Empathy Impact CX? | Part 1

Season 6, Ep. 1

While there’s no doubt that the first half of this year has been a challenging one, it is during times of crisis that we have a unique opportunity to show up for our customers. And customers remember how you’ve treated them during these times of need.

Delivering empathetic, meaningful and authentic experiences for our customers is more important than ever, enabling us to build long-lasting customer relationships that thrive as we navigate the road to recovery and beyond.

But how can we continue to embed these principles in our customer experience at scale?In our How Does Empathy Impact CX? podcast series on AshtonCast, brought to you by our friends at Genesys, we talk to CX leaders about exactly that – at a time when demonstrating empathy is critical, how can we create truly meaningful and empathetic customer experiences at scale? 

This episode features interviews with:

  • Jess Rix, Head of Customer Interactions, Sunsuper
  • Elyssia Clark, Head of Customer Insights and Strategy, SEEK
  • Keith Pearce, Head of Brand Marketing and Communications, Genesys

Hosted by Stacey Goater, CX Portfolio Director, Ashton Media

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