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Postpartum Pieces; Birth Trauma

Season 0, Ep. 6

Welcome to the new sub series Postpartum Pieces; short, educational episodes with qualified professionals, designed to make your postpartum journey that little bit easier...

This week we talk about Birth Trauma; what it is, what it might look like for you and where to start when it comes to working through it.

I'm joined by Clinical Psychologist and Author, Dr Erin Bowe.

For more information on Erin or her book, "More Than a Healthy Baby", you can find her over on Instagram @doctorerinbowe or xx

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  • 12. So i guess mental health looks a little different on everybody... (With Special Guest Mikki Fisher)

    Going out with a bang this season, i decided to invite Mikki Fisher back to further discuss life as a mum, mental health and a little bit of spirituality; we know it's there, we know it's important but it's also good to acknowledge that it looks different for everybody.You can find more over on instagram @mummyrepublic or via our host @danniirodgers and if you want to hear more from our special guest, you can find Mikki at @themikkifisher2.0 or her business @the.redtent xx
  • 11. Can Organisation Really Exist with Kids? (With special guest Steph Pase)

    A few years ago the world became seemingly obsessed with organisation overnight. We all started culling our wardrobes, thanking our old clothes as we turfed them and clearing out all the storage options kmart. Fast forward to now and outside of the hype, all we really want is a practical way to stay on top of the chaos. Because it goes a lot deeper than clutter and a clean house. But with the madness of raising a family, working and living life, is it really that simple? A big thank you to special guest Steph Pase, who you can find over on IG @justanothermummyblog and @stephpaseplanners and while you're there don't forget to check out @mummyrepublic and our host @danniirodgers You can also find more of Steph's templates, tools and products at and xx
  • 10. Can you really grow a business and a family at the same time? (with Hayley Van de Ven)

    They say that it’s a mans world and although in a lot of cases that’s still true, women everywhere are starting to forge their own path when it comes to their goals and desires, throwing away any concern about what is deemed conventional. We’re creating new paths, we’re making waves and we’re doing it whilst making babies. But the question still remains, can you really grow a business whilst growing a family? Let’s have a chat about it.  A big thank you to special guest Hayley Van de Ven, who you can find over on IG @hayleyvandeven_ and while you're there don't forget to check out @mummyrepublic and our host @danniirodgers xx
  • 9. So if i kissed a girl...would i like it? (with Naomi Hutchings)

    If we’re being honest, I think we’ve all thought about it. Come on, I bet you have at least once. Even Katy Perry said she kissed a girl and she liked it. It’s now a more open topic of conversation and slowly but surely the stigma is reducing, which is fantastic and incredibly needed. But when you’ve been conditioned from a young age that the normal way of life is to be in inverted commas straight, how do you know if you’re actually not? Especially if you’re already married, perhaps have kids…is it really too late to explore? Let’s find out. A big thank you to special guest Naomi Hutchings for joining me today, you can find more of Naomi over on instagram @australiansexologistToday's episode was sponsored by Visionary Hair Australia; A certified organic range of haircare products that are Australian made with native Australian Ingredients that are sourced through indigenous farms. Not only are these fabulous products paraben, sodium and sulphate free they are also vegan and cruelty free meaning they tick all the boxes. From someone who doesn’t offer recommendations lightly, I have certainly been impressed with this range of haircare, particularly the styling products. Use the code DANNII15 at checkout for a sneaky discount and make the switch today! IG -
  • 8. Thirty, Flirty & No Longer Available for BS (With Special Guest Jessika Wilson)

    We've all heard the term thirty, flirting and thriving but is there really a big difference from 2-9 to 3-0? For a lot of us it seems the answer is yes! Whether it's caring less about what others think, reducing our inner circle or having a lot less tolerance for bullshit, it seems that the introduction to our 30's is a great opportunity to do a cleanse of all habits, old ideals or even old insecurities...If you're on the gram you can follow along @mummyrepublic and our host @danniirodgers. A special thank you to today's guest @jessikawilson - you can also find Jess' business @bloomstore___ xx
  • 7. What's it really like being a step-parent? (With Special Guest Alida Skimmings)

    We all know that there is no such thing as a normal family. With different dynamics in each household and one in 3 marriages ending in divorce, there are quite often other people outside of just your typical mum and dad involved. As someone who has been through a separation with a child, navigated the single parent life and then the integration of a step parent, i can attest to the fact that it's not always easy and there is certainly no handbook to guide you. But it's equally as difficult from the other side of the fence. Taking on the role of a step parent also has it's challenges and perhaps we need to make sure that we're giving both parties a voice... If you're on the gram you can follow along @mummyrepublic and our host @danniirodgers. A special thank you to today's guest Alida from @thesocialatlas xx
  • 6. SAHM vs Working mums...can we just agree that all parenting is hard? (With Special Guest Ashleigh McLeod)

    So who has it harder? The stay at home mums or the working mums?It's a debate that always sparks a great deal of passion from either side of the fence. But in a world where so many women work from home, work part time or are self employed, the categorization is no longer that clear cut. Can we not just agree that both situations have their positives and negatives and irrespective of where you land...parenting in general is hard! xxIf you're on the gram you can follow along @mummyrepublic and our host @danniirodgers. Special thank you to today's guest @missashleigh xx
  • 5. Can we normalise that no birth is normal? (With Special guest Dayna Jangles)

    48:11 can be beautiful for some and traumatic for others but in either case and in any case, it's always a hot topic of conversation. Regardless of whether you choose to do it "naturally" in the woods or elect to have a C-Section, the truth is there is no right or wrong. I'm joined today by Dayna, midwife and mother of 4 children (soon to be five) to talk all about just how unique each experience is; not only for different mothers but also for the same mother with different children.So in 2021 can we please normalise that no birth is "normal"? xxIf you're on the gram you can follow along @mummyrepublic and our host @danniirodgers. Special thank you to today's guest @daynajangles - you can also find Dayna's new business tailored to mummas at @daiisy.est.2020 and her upcoming podcast focused on birth experiences @theoxytocinhour xx
  • 4. Excuse me, where the hell is my village? (With special guest Natty Faulks)

    When it comes to motherhood they say it takes a village; some are lucky enough to have one, some are able to turn friends into family and others are left wondering...where the hell is my village? in 2021 we're expected to do and to be it all but it can be made a lot more difficult when you're expected to do it on your own. So let's have a chat about how to find and create your own village, whilst trying not to lose yourself in the process xxIf you're on the gram you can follow along @mummyrepublic and our host @danniirodgers. Special thank you to today's guest @nattyfaulks - you can also listen to another episode with Natty in Season 2 xx