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Season 4, Ep. 26

On And Off The Pitch

In Their Hands

So close to the season end and we still don't know...will it be Bristol or London City Lionesses? Either way, it is in their (Bristol's hands)

Reviewing the game between Crystal Palace and Birmingham.

We skip through the results in the #BarclaysWC

We mention the Women's FA Cup and tickets

Who will win the #BarclaysWSL

Rodney Cyrus flying solo on this quick and thoughtful round up.

All good fun.

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Topical debate on all sections of football. Love the discussion, maintain your position.


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  • 23. Sunderland Still On Top

    Sunderland Still On Top#onandoffthepitchpodcast #barclayswc #barclayharvardchurch Reviewing the latest round of games taking place on the easter weekend - for some teams there could be no resurrection from previous performances. Defeat was on hand and written in the stars. Elsewhere, Sunderland and Crystal Palace women continue to throw down the challenge and win again. Who will slip again? Blackburn win big. Sheffield United demonstrate their footballing know how and score points all over the pitch and take the win.In the BarclaysWSL, Manchester City win big and jump over Chelsea with an impressive performance away from home.In the Conti Cup - Arsenal win in extra time and Hayes makes it clear with a push. No male aggression please.Will there ever be a time when there are no male managers in women's football? It may prevent issues when the manager is unable to control their emotions. EnjoyTopical debate on all sections of football. Love the discussion, maintain your position.Enjoy!
  • 22. Weekend Goal Bononza

    Weekend Goal Bonanza #onandoffthepitchpodcast #barclayswc #barclayswsl A look back at the latest results across the #BarclaysWC #barclayswsl on the biggest weekend for women's football we would hardly see any of the games across the Barclays Women's Championship. Was this a mistake? Ot is this a clear signal that those who focus on the WSL just don't care?Big results for Crystal Palace, Sheffield United Women, Sunderland Women and a surprise win for London City Lionesses. The WSL provided some big results in particular the Manchester derby between City and United. Shaw is scroing goals and still not getting the column inches....shocking.Does Chelsea Women get enough respect?Could Emma Hayes be the next manager of England men?EnjoyTopical debate on all sections of football. Love the discussion, maintain your position.Enjoy!
  • 21. Littlejohn's Big Step

    Littlejohn's Big Step #onandoffthepitchpodcast #barclayswc #barclayswsl Back again for the latest round up from the #BarclaysWC and the #BarclaysWSL. visiting the home ground of London City Lionesses as they played Sunderland Women in a must win game. Both teams needed the points, Sunderland to extend their lead at the top and London City Lionesses (LCL) in their fight to escape the threat of relegation.When is a penalty not a penalty? Asking for the supporters of Sunderland Women football club.We go over the latest round of results in both leagues - why isn't Manchester City's Shaw getting enough praise for her goals this season?The conversation around player - player relationship and their impact on how head coaches manage this scenario when selecting their first eleven. This is a big topic which will some time to unpick and see all sides.Enjoy.
  • 20. Sharpe's Palace Push

    Sharpe's Palace Push#onandoffthepitchpodcast #sundayfootball The latest round up from the #barclayswc and the scares Mother's Day fixtures on offer. Crystal Palace Women played the rearranged game against Sheffield United Women. With Crystal Palace forging forward in their efforts to secure promotion - would it make sense to play the key fixtures at Selhurst Park?Women's FA Cup round up - Tottenham Hotspurs Women beat Manchester City Women in the cup and go through.#premierleague battle between Liverpool and Manchester City was one of the best games of the season so far (imo)Klopp has to be regarded as the best premier manager when you consider the players he has taken to the #championsleague finals.Enjoy
  • 19. Unfit Pitch

    #UnfitPitch #onandoffthepitchpodcast The latest round of games in the #barclayswc and #barclayswsl saw plenty of action and goals. However for a few games the weather played a key card resulting in those fixtures being postponed to a later date. Crystal Palace and Birmingham Women failed to kick off following a pitch inspection - this re arranged fixture could hold the key to who gets promoted to the WSL.BarclaysWSL results see the continuation of Manchester's City striker Shaw increasing her goal haul - this player doesn't get enough credit.What happens to a football player if they are banned for 4 years - do they retire or do they hold on and try and make a comeback. This is the situation currently being faced by Paul Pogba.Enjoy
  • 18. The BackPass Game

    The Backpass Game#onandoffthepitchpodcast #barclayswc #barclayswsl The latest round of games in the #barclayswc saw #LondonCityLionesses drop points at home against #Durhamwomen. This was a must win game for the home team as they sit perilously close to the relegation zone. This game was littered with numerous passes back to the keepers - when you need to win games your keeper shouldn't be winning in terms of passes received.The #Barclayswsl saw a big crowd as #ArsenalWomen played host to #MuWomen - Arsenal takes the points and the glory.All this and other stuff... another question for the internet - who invented the ball?Enjoy
  • 17. Over The Line

    Over The Line#onandoffthepitchpodcast #womensfacupThis week we catch up on the latest round of games in the Women's FA Cup. I visited the home of London City Lionesses as they played host to Liverpool Women (WSL).What next for London City Lionesses after they say goodbye to their former head coach Nicola Morace and her assistant head coach Nicola Williams?Will there be a reaction in the league from the players?Pancakes - where can we find them?Enjoy
  • 16. Watford Rise

    Watford Rise#onandoffthepitchpodcast #barclayswc #barclayswsl In this week podchat, we float over the results of the Barclays Women's Championship. We see Watford Rise off the bottom of the league by scoring two goals against the mighty Durham. Reading do whats required and get a much needed win. LCL and Lewes find out things are just a tad tough...but this is still time. Things at the bottom of the league is going to be feisty.Charlton grab a point late on and Sheffield United go big with the goals.In the BarclaysWSL the usual teams win and in one game the referee decides to fill the void left by #VAR to provide Chelsea with some much needed lucky penalties.#premierleague rumours - Jose M needs to stay away from the league. Does he remember all of the horrible things people stated when he tried to ring order to Manchester United. Brighton Women see their manager Mel Phillips leave - was this a good move by the heirarcy?Sheffield United Women remove J Morgan from his position with the emergence of 'new information' . So many questions.Enjoy
  • 15. Ayisi Does it

    AYISI DOES IT#ONANDOFFTHEPITCHPODCAST b#barclayswc #barclayswsl The big clash in London (the friendly derby) between Crystal Palace Women and Charlton Women was a great fixture filled with skills, effort and the occasional use of magic.Ayisi magic would take all the points and glory shifting it towards the away team bus. Round up of results for the #barclayswc and #barclayswsl.Would you send your son to play football in the club which drains young talent? I heard someone call Manchester United 'the walking dead' club...where players go to die. Does this sound right?Enjoy