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  • Why Not Send More Aid to Ukraine? | Wilson Beaver

    The Biden Administration’s national security supplemental budget request contains over $60 billion in aid for Ukraine. Senior Policy Analyst Wilson Beaver, from the Allison Center for National Security here at the Heritage Foundation, explains why this is not the best of America’s national security resources. — Have thoughts? Let us know at—Find Wilson Beaver on X at:’s Article in the Daily Signal:

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  • Will the U.S. Actually Aid Israel? | Victoria Coaters & Caroline Glick

    The Biden Administration is seeking aid for Israel, but what does that actually mean? Can Americans hope to actually provide meaningful support for their Israeli allies in their fight against Hamas? Heritage Vice President Victoria Coates sat down with Israeli author and commentator Caroline Glick to find out. — Have thoughts? Let us know at—Find Victoria Coates on X at: Caroline Glick on X at:
  • How Does It Feel to Be An Israeli Now? | Victoria Coates & Yuli-Yoel Edelstein

    Yuli-Yoel Edelstein served as Speaker of the Israeli Knesset from 2013 to 2020. He was as shocked as the rest of the world by the violence of October 7th and the war that has followed. He sat down with Heritage Vice President Victoria Coates to talk about the effects of the war and Israel’s place within the world. — Have thoughts? Let us know at—Find Victoria Coates on X at: Yuli-Yoel Edelstein on X at:
  • Why Aren't Big Tech Companies Protecting Kids? | Annie Chestnut Tutor

    This week, Congress has summoned leaders of America’s biggest social media companies to Washington to testify on child safety. Dangers abound for the users of Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. Annie Chestnut Tutor, Policy Analyst for the Tech Policy Center at The Heritage Foundation, joins the podcast to explain. — Have thoughts? Let us know at—Find Annie Chestnut Tutor on X at:’s Article in the Daily Signal: Signal Article on Banning Tiktok:
  • What's Next for School Choice? | Corey DeAngelis & Jason Bedrick

    School choice is experiencing a groundswell of support from parents ready to step up to the plate for their kids’ education. But what’s next for the surge in school choice? Heritage Research Fellow Jason Bedrick and School Choice advocate Corey DeAngelis explain. — Have thoughts? Let us know at—Find Jason Bedrick on X: Corey DeAngelis on X:
  • Why is the Heritage President Attending the World Economic Forum? | Dr. Kevin Roberts

    Dr. Kevin Roberts will be attending the World Economic Forum to speak on a panel this year. Why would the Heritage Foundation engage with an event that is so hostile to American values? Dr. Roberts explains. — Have thoughts? Let us know at—Find Dr. Kevin Roberts on X: Roberts’ Article in The Blaze:
  • What is At Stake in the Taiwanese Election? | Michael Cunningham

    Taiwan is a small country off the coast of mainland China, known for microchips and deterring Chinese aggression. Now, it is facing a possibly pivotal election. Research Fellow Michael Cunningham explains what is happening and how it could matter for Americans. —Have thoughts? Let us know at—Find Michael Cunningham on X: on Asia from The Heritage Foundation: