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Why I no longer hide 🙈 my high ticket prices

Show Notes:

Why I No Longer Hide My Prices 

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On today’s episode we are going to be talking about 

Why I No Longer Hide My Prices 

The Good Reason Why Not To Put Your Prices Out There

  • Believe it or not a lot of women are afraid to invest
  • They make decisions based on price not value
  • People invest all the time in people without prices listed

When To Know To Put Your Prices Out There

  • When you know your value speaks for itself
  • You can be patient
  • You want to cut to the chase
  • You ok with knowing you are talking to another level woman

My Mindset Tips on Shifting To Transparent Sales

  • Know that your ideal client CAN afford you 
  • They already trust themselves enough
  • They have had prior wins
  • You are going to commit to mastering your message
  • Embody your worthiness