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Episode 71 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - Creative Achievers Compilation

Season 1, Ep. 71

Today is another unique episode of No Labels, No Limits podcast where we have gathered three impactful, creative guests from past episodes. We interview Anne Sugar (an executive coach and speaker who advises top leaders), David Speed (founder of Graffiti Life, a creative company that makes art of all kinds for big brands, both inside and out), and Melissa Agnes (a leading authority on crisis preparedness, reputation management, and brand protection).

Each guest leaves us with a few thoughts and ideas that we might carry through our daily lives. Listen in to the episode and find some words of wisdom below.

Anne says, "Part of being creative or thinking about new ideas is having the space to put something out there. An idea that's messy and not very good, but all those ideas over time create big opportunities, right? So how, and it's so simple in the sense of there's so much we could talk about, trust and respect, all of that, but it's just simply having somebody's back, right?"

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David’s interview was so interesting and he gives us some background and bits of advice on the origin of his creativity when he says, "Your journey, every step that you take, gets you to where you are. Our failures have made us stronger, make us no longer vulnerable in those areas where we failed in the past because we've been able to learn from our mistakes in the dark. If you keep going, great things will come.”

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When we asked Melissa to share something interesting or unique about herself, she crowdsourced the question in advance and got some great answers. She explains why - "It's fun to see yourself through the lens of other people because all I have is my own lens. What you think is normal, other people don't. Just because it's normal to you, doesn't mean it's normal to them."

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