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Episode 132- No Labels, No Limits podcast with Lori Bradley, mission-focused coach

Season 2, Ep. 132

In this episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast, we’re joined by Lori Bradley. Lori is a Mission-Focused Entrepreneur and Coach, and the Co-founder of My Business Agency.

Lori was “born” into entrepreneurship. She started working as a consultant for her dad and helping him get his business ready for sale, and then continued to get her MBA.

Passionate about helping communities to grow, Lori loves to work with businesses that want to make a difference, taking themselves and their businesses to the next level.

Lori works with clients across both Australia and New Zealand from start-ups and not-for-profits to larger businesses and teams. Her goal is to help them increase their profits, their productivity, and their impact.

Her latest venture, My Business Agency, helps business owners to figure out what they need to get done in their businesses and then gets it done for them. It’s pretty simple ~

Lori worked on the Commonwealth Games in Australia and she’s on the board of the Gold Coast’s not-for-profit Rotary Club.

Originally from New Zealand, she now lives on the Gold Coast with her musician husband and very active 5-year-old daughter.

FUN FACT: When Lori was a teenager she was a national NZ and Oceania Judo Champion.

In this episode you'll learn/hear...

1.  HOW her lessons on the Judo mat [or working for her dad] informed her approach to life and business

○ Did that give her the confidence to consult when she was 16?

2.  WHY she says Action trumps Aspiration every time.

○  It is not enough to simply want something, you need to take steps to achieve it.

3.   WHAT her latest venture is (and why she started it)

○ My Business Agency - we help business owners to figure out what to get done and then get it done for them, it's that simple

4.   And… you’ll hear how to take a test drive of a new tool she’s created.

Learn more and connect with Lori here:

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