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Removing Friction From Your Business

Ep. 102

Today we are going to discuss one of the most important topics in business profitability: Friction. Our guest today is Roger Dooley who literally wrote the book on Friction and will share with us how to be more aware of the obstacles standing in the way of business’ success, and ways to smooth them out—and if you listen carefully, you’ll soon know how to be the best contractor in town.

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Friction – The Untapped Force That Can Be Your Most Powerful Advantage

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Show Notes:

00:01:48: Tech Tip of the Week: 5-beam laser pointer

00:05:48: Introduction of our guest Roger Dooley

00:07:54: Roger Dooley’s background

00:09:45: Why did you write your book, Friction?

00:13:07: How much money is wasted by friction in businesses?

00:16:33: What companies have been exceptional at removing friction?

00:18:50: Remove the friction from your business

00:19:18: What are some of the ways contractors can remove friction from their marketing?

00:25:53: Other examples of great marketing techniques

00:28:05: Loayalty with High Effort vs Low Effort clients

00:31:03: What can contractors do to improve their efforts in production?

00:33:28: How can contractors reduce internal friction?

00:35:29: Friction in bureaucracy

00:40:18: When can friction be beneficial to business?

00:42:10: Summary of the episode 

00:44:02: Quote of the Week by Jeff Bezos

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