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248. Raj Jana: Burning Man - The Frequency Of Liberation

Ep. 248

“Infinite possibility lives in the unknown. Can I trust the frequency of truth and presence over the ego hits that my mind is craving?”

I’m just back from my first ever Burning Man experience, and it was life-changing. In this month’s reflection episode, I share the raw integrations and lessons from my time in Black Rock City. 

Stepping out of the constraints and conditions of everyday life into an environment with zero judgment and radical inclusion, driven by a gifting economy, was wildly transformative. For the first time in my life, I got to experience the frequency of liberation -- where I could feel the infinite possibilities of the human spirit and potential. 

Burning Man allowed me to experience a life that side-steps the ego and follows the calling of the heart. In the infinite expanse of the desert landscape, I felt safe to calibrate to the speed of my soul. 

There’s so much to talk about and reveal. I’m grateful to have Georgina El Morshdy with me to guide the conversation. 

“The journey to liberation, the path to liberation can be very difficult, very lonely, very challenging, especially as we are learning to decondition from a world that wants us to be conditioned.”

Key takeaways:

  • My raw integrations and lessons from Burning Man. 
  • What is Burning Man in a nutshell (in case you haven’t heard of it). 
  • The possibilities for living inside a judgement-free space. 
  • How a new environment can change yoru life - radically. 
  • Side-stepping ego and allowing intuition to guide my decisions and experiences. 
  • The power of a gifting economy. 
  • Burning the man and the temples. 
  • Burning my perfectionist tendencies to experience liberation. 
  • Owning my soul gifts. 
  • How to integrate profound shifts so they remain a permanent part of who you be and do. 
  • Tapping into energetic frequencies as a gateway for creation. 

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256. Raj Jana: Surrendering To A Vision Bigger Than You

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“Your intimate relationship is the most profound mirror for you to actually connect to that foundation of love within yourself.” The last time I recorded a reflection episode was at the end of August - just after returning from Burning Man. As an experiment, I decided to wait a couple of months before publicly reflecting again. It’s been interesting to see the arc of change over a two-month window - proof that many shifts can happen when you move through life consciously and with vulnerability and authenticity. I often remind myself that I’m the common denominator in all areas of my life. How I show up in one context impacts how I show up in others. In this episode, you’ll hear how I’ve used my relationship and creativity as dojos - places to practice peeling off masks and connecting more intimately with the authentic me. I’ve also been exploring the power of surrendering to a vision bigger than myself - a practice vastly different from how I used to operate in business. These intentions became catalysts for a lot of growth, as you’ll hear in the episode. As always, I hope that this episode will inspire a practice of reflection in your life. Reflection can be a superpower because the more we know our authentic selves, the more we can navigate fear, manage adversity, regulate our nervous system and step into the greatest forms of love we were born to express. “What's actually required is healing ourselves and liberating ourselves from these conditions that have kept us trapped in this old way of doing that isn't actually serving the planet, it's not serving our relationships, it's not serving our health.”Key takeaways:Learning to show up imperfectly. Overcoming my fear of being seen to fail. Speaking on the same stage as Dr. Joe Dispenza. Creating from a place of collaboration over competition. Turning away from ME projects into WE projects. Leveraging vulnerability as a tool for healing Humans are inherently goodHaving the courage to take off your mask. The desire to know who you really are. Contact Info:Raj’s contact details. Instagram | WebsiteGeorgina’s Instagram | Facebook | WebsiteWe thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

255. Andrew Kroeze: Intentional Rituals For Sustaining Energy

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“I master my fate and captain my soul… I need to take radical responsibility for my life. I can create anything that I want out of my life.” Like many entrepreneurs, Andrew Kroeze achieved massive success through the hustle-and-grind culture only to find the tactic wasn’t sustainable. After experiencing burnout, Andrew had no choice but to reinvent himself. But the changes didn’t fully stick. The next time he crashed, Andrew woke up in a hospital bed. This time, Andrew knew he needed to make more permanent changes to his life and business. He craved something simpler, so he sold his company, retreated to an ashram, and reset his nervous system. Through this experience, Andrew decided to become a “master of his fate.” In practice, this looked like embedding energy rituals, systems, and habits into his routine so he could alchemize time into the life his soul wanted. Andrew’s willingness to hold himself accountable to his life blueprint inspires me. The degree of ownership Andrew commands over his psychological & physiological state is a potent reminder of the creative power of discipline when it’s harnessed in the direction of alignment and authenticity. In his work, Andrew is committed to sharing his secrets of success with others. Through his Masters of Fate brotherhood, Andrew empowers men to master themselves first and then business. “Our core beliefs anchor our thoughts, our energy rituals anchor our emotions, and then our time design or our calendar anchors our actions.” Key takeaways:How entrepreneurship can be a catalyst for a spiritual journey. Retreating to a monastery to reset my nervous system. Letting go of deeply rooted core beliefs that don’t serve. Intentional rituals for sustaining energy. Developing processes as an accountability tool. Using time blocking to design his calendar.Planning hacks for designing your life. Using pre-commitments to establish helpful habits. Contact Info: thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.