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198. Daniel Mangena: Bringing Presence Into Your Life

Ep. 198

“Life isn’t experienced in the thinking of—it’s experienced in the being of.”

It’s easy to attach your identity to your achievements. After all, they’re measurable and tangible. No wonder we’re quick to use them to define our worth! But what if success as we know it is a construct of the mind? 

If we identify with the mind alone, we can’t explore the full spectrum of the human experience. 

To experience it all, we have to learn how to feel and tap into our heart-centered wisdom. Often illogical and frequently wild, our heart connects us back into a deep connection with God and source - so we can remember that abundance is a birthright. 

“The purpose of life is to live and everything else is sprinkles.” 

Daniel Mangena is an international best-selling author, host of the Do It With Dan podcast, broadcaster, and an abundance coach. Daniel is entirely self-made and has spent decades perfecting his world-class coaching methodologies. In 2020, he was listed as one of the top 10 life coaches to watch. 

Daniel is on a mission to empower people to reconnect with their inherent abundance and discover meaning and joy in their lives. Daniel is passionate about this vision because he believes that world issues caused by fear and scarcity can start to dissolve away when we remember how abundant life truly is. 

In this episode, Daniel shares how he came to understand the power of heart-led living. We also dive deep into the following: 

  1. Why are we so attached to and driven by results?
  2. Differentiating between a life lived in the head and a life lived in the heart. 
  3. How children ignite a desire for presence. 
  4. The power of feeling gratitude for it all. 
  5. Understanding the purpose of life [it’s a lot simpler than you think].
  6. Owning the power that comes from knowing. 
  7. Our relationship with God. 
  8. And more...

If you’re ready to delve into life beyond what the overthinking mind says is practical and achievable, this episode has plenty to spark your thinking. 

Daniel has so much wisdom and insight to share - and his perspective is sure to open up something beautiful for your mind, your heart, and your life.  

“The mind is thinking. The heart doesn’t have to think because it’s connected to the infinity of all. It just knows.” 

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204. Raj Jana: Learning To Love & Forgive Your Shadow

Ep. 204
“The reason I’m willing to go into the deepest aspects of myself is because my soul, my heart is really craving safety.”This episode of Stay Grounded is my reflection for the month of October. Looking back, this month was themed in two core halves. During the first two weeks, I found myself exploring ways to elevate my communication skills. After some triggers in my relationship, it became clear that some of my methodologies were ineffective and disempowering. I know communication is a challenge for a lot of us. After all, we often learn shitty communication from shitty communicators!In this episode, I hope to share with you some insights and discoveries I made this month that could empower you too.Another huge theme was learning how to feel psychologically safe. The more I explore my own healing journey, the more I uncover deep, core wounds. Learning how to be OK with my imperfections and flaws was another big theme this month - and one I talk about in detail in this episode.“When I feel powerful it's because I feel safe in my body.”As usual, my dear friend Georgina El Morshdy is here to hold space and guide us as we navigate this conversation about authenticity, expressing your needs, and having the courage to be imperfectly you.Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll hear us discuss:The power of cultivating self-awareness at this point in our history.The role interpersonal relationships play in creating safety in your body.What it means to create psychological safety.Communication as a gateway to having your needs met.Deepening into my Human Design and learning how to be a Projector.The danger of mind reading and asking for words of affirmation.Allowing myself to be messy and imperfect.Exploring why we’re so afraid to feel.Creating space between our feelings and our reactions.And more...The monthly reflection episodes are a key part of my monthly routines and rituals. The more I’m able to use hindsight as a tool for amplified self-awareness, the more I’m able to release the things that aren’t mine - and reclaim the parts that are.It’s my hope that my reflection inspires you to deepen into your own.“The greatest levels of self-love are coming from me allowing myself to be seen and share what’s truly in my heart.”Contact Info:Raj’s detailsGeorgina’s - Instagram & Facebook.Summary/ Call to Action:We thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.