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251. Mike Cline & Emily Rasowsky: The Power of Healing In Community

Ep. 251
“We can learn something from everyone. Mirrors exist everywhere. All of nature is contained in the fractal pattern of a single leaf or a single feed” About 4 years into my personal growth journey, it became clear that there was only so much inner work I could do on my own. My solo efforts often gave me a breakthrough, but my deepest inner work always came when engaging in community. Community-based healing is THE most powerful catalyst and an accelerant for personal growth because of the abundance of mirrors. When you’re surrounded by others, it’s harder to hide your flaws. When you’re surrounded by tribe, you begin the journey of seeing yourself the way others see you. When you’re healing alongside others, there’s more opportunities to find your blindspots and reveal the places where there’s more work to be done. In this episode, I’m joined by my partners at the Humans Are Good Foundation, Mike Cline & Emily Rasowsky. Together, we’ve pooled our resources, skills, and healing experiences to share a framework for going inward that’s rooted in science and steeped in community support. In this episode, Emily & Mike share their own paths to liberation, and together, share the impact community based healing has had on our own livesBe sure to listen to the end where we discuss how you can access a framework to help you heal your deepest core wounds in a community setting.“There are certain types of unprocessed emotional data in our nervous system that is not accessible when you're just doing solo work.” Key takeaways:How we realized we needed community support to take our healing journey to the next level. Everyone is a representation of each other. Uncovering the unprocessed emotional data bound in our nervous systems. Community gives us access to different examples and role models of what’s possible. The concept of psychological safety and how it helps us heal. Unsafe vs uncomfortable (and learning to distinguish between the two). You are your own greatest research project. How early childhood experiences shape our present-day stressors and challenges. The link between self-forgiveness and liberation. As a collective, we don’t have the time for lengthy, expensive healing journeys. On October 5th, I will be teaching a live masterclass about a data-driven, community-based approach to doing inner work that’s designed to help you accelerate breakthroughs in your mental & emotional well-being. Visit to join

250. Raj Jana: My Eight Year Journey To Self Love & Liberation

Ep. 250
“Even though on paper I had all the markings of someone successful, I didn't feel it. That really confused me.” As a 250th episode special, I wanted to share all the lessons I’ve learned from investing multi-six figures and thousands of hours into my personal journey to create a life of alignment and liberation that I feel so grateful to be living today. When I started this podcast, I had no idea about the journey I was about to take. The journey to internal liberation isn’t easy. My life has changed entirely since releasing my first episode in 2017, but the path to this point has been riddled with the most extreme highs and lows. The game of BEING is confusing because it’s filled with guesswork, detours, and setbacks.But hindsight brings clarity. As I reflect over the past eight years (and the thousands of dollars and hours I invested), I’m clear on what worked and what didn’t. I’m now confident about what levers to pull and where to focus my time, energy, and resources so I can keep experiencing unshakeable confidence, freedom, clarity, and self-love. No one should have to invest as much as I have into healing our minds, bodies, and souls in order to experience wholeness. I believe it’s our birthright to feel good about who we are. We shouldn’t be living in a constant state of anxiety or fear. We should be learning how our nervous systems are wired from an early age so we can properly tend to it as we grow through life. It’s why I’ve decided to share my journey so far with you -- with no stones left unturned – so that you can see how a dedication to the “inner work” can lead to permanent shifts in your mental & emotional well-being.“The game of doing is very different from the game of being. Doing is about achievement, external validation, and making strides and progress in the world. The game of being is about the journey to your enoughness. It's the journey of self-love.”Key takeaways:How a book transformed my perspective of what’s possible. My quest to seek missing feelings through entrepreneurship - only to fall short of what I wanted. How a drive to infuse meaning & purpose into my side hustle birthed Stay Grounded. Forcing change through the game of DOing. External success will only take you so far. You’ll eventually hit a wall. Opening to my emotions through plant medicine. Breaking open to build myself up. Discovering what’s under the hood. Moving into the realm of root cause exploration. Differentiating between MY vision for my life and the vision that others had for my life. Unlocking mirror work through community-based healing. My Journey groups. Working with hypnotherapist Grace Smith. Ending a nine-year relationship and confronting uncomfortable truths about myself. Inner work has the answers, but it’s hard, expensive, and time-consuming. Inner work shouldn’t be for the privileged few with resources. It should be accessible and effective for EVERYONE. And that's what I'm excited to share with you all.On October 5th, I will be doing a teaching a live masterclass about a data-driven, heart-centered, and personalized approach to the inner work that removes confusion from the process altogether. Please visit to join!

249. Trey & Grace Stinnett: Finding Flow Through Conscious Parenting

Ep. 249
“So much of our desires are culturally programmed desires. If I can begin to understand who I am, then I can begin to stop doing the things that are not for me and are not me. ” Trey and Grace Stinnett are the founders of the Academy of Conscious Entrepreneurs - an organization that helps people grow a company without sacrificing time at home by aligning business with personal flow. Informed by mental models and personality profiles such as Wealth Dynamics and Human Design, Trey and Grace empower clients to elevate their consciousness at home and work. What I loved most about this episode was hearing how Trey and Grace have integrated their work into all aspects of their live, creating a path for conscious living. These philosophies have informed their parenting, too, empowering their children onto the path of authentic, self-aware living from a young age. Creating a life of flow and alignment can be part of our legacy, and in this episode, Trey & Grace share how to make that vision a reality. “I don't have any work to do. Instead, just go to work on whatever there is to be healed. Through that healing, everything else will just find its way into flow.” Key takeaways:What does flow mean? How Wealth Dynamics profiles help you get into your flow. Removing things I shouldn’t be doing so I can be more authentically me. The concept of deconditioning. The power of using frameworks and tools to know who you are. Empowering children through profiles and archetypes. Immersing children in an environment that cultivates a growth mindsetCreating an emotional platform for children to thrive. Changing the narrative around traumatic experiences to empower people to navigate them. The four phases of flow. Contact Info:Academy for Conscious Entrepreneurs >>> https://www.joinace.orgInstagram >>> thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

248. Raj Jana: Burning Man - The Frequency Of Liberation

Ep. 248
“Infinite possibility lives in the unknown. Can I trust the frequency of truth and presence over the ego hits that my mind is craving?” I’m just back from my first ever Burning Man experience, and it was life-changing. In this month’s reflection episode, I share the raw integrations and lessons from my time in Black Rock City. Stepping out of the constraints and conditions of everyday life into an environment with zero judgment and radical inclusion, driven by a gifting economy, was wildly transformative. For the first time in my life, I got to experience the frequency of liberation -- where I could feel the infinite possibilities of the human spirit and potential. Burning Man allowed me to experience a life that side-steps the ego and follows the calling of the heart. In the infinite expanse of the desert landscape, I felt safe to calibrate to the speed of my soul. There’s so much to talk about and reveal. I’m grateful to have Georgina El Morshdy with me to guide the conversation. “The journey to liberation, the path to liberation can be very difficult, very lonely, very challenging, especially as we are learning to decondition from a world that wants us to be conditioned.” Key takeaways:My raw integrations and lessons from Burning Man. What is Burning Man in a nutshell (in case you haven’t heard of it). The possibilities for living inside a judgement-free space. How a new environment can change yoru life - radically. Side-stepping ego and allowing intuition to guide my decisions and experiences. The power of a gifting economy. Burning the man and the temples. Burning my perfectionist tendencies to experience liberation. Owning my soul gifts. How to integrate profound shifts so they remain a permanent part of who you be and do. Tapping into energetic frequencies as a gateway for creation. Contact Info:Georgina’s Instagram | Facebook | WebsiteRaj’s contact details. Instagram | WebsiteWe thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

247: Nick Onken: Tapping Into Your Inner, Creative Genius

Ep. 247
“I think identity alchemy is finding who you are at the core.” How do you identify and define yourself when you have multiple interests, multiple talents, multiple ways you see yourself interacting with the world? For Nick Onken, the answer is Identity Alchemy - the creative art of deconstructing who you are [and who you’ve been] so you can discover the essence that sits at your core.    This episode’s guest is Nick Onken - a creative alchemist who dances between the roles of photographer, hat designer, podcaster, artist, and entrepreneur. He’s lived a creative life where his curiosity has guided him to shed identities and redefine himself as his work and life have shifted and evolved.  In this episode, Nick and I explore the creative power we can all access - to unleash our inner genius. “Art inspires, art is the language that transcends and inspires people without language.” Nick Onken has been commissioned by top tier brands such as Nike, Coca Cola, Adidas and publishers such as Cosmopolitan, Conde Nast Traveller and Marie Claire. His portfolio of photographed personalities include Justin Bieber, Usher, Tom Hanks, Jessica Alba and Tony Robbins, to name a few. Nick also supports, and photographs for Pencils of Promise, a reputable non-profit organization using education as the most powerful tool to change the world.In this beautiful episode, Nick and I explore: What does identity alchemy mean? The power of personal brands The creative force of connecting to the energy of the moment. Creation as a tool to pull yourself into your truth. Intentionality and creating your moments. Dancing between masuline and feminine energies to let the magic flow. What it means to deconstruct and what secrets this opens up? Curiosity, exploring the world of possibilities, and creating for the pure joy of it. And more…Nick’s on a mission to raise consciousness through the art he creates in the world - no matter what art form that is. He believes everyone is a creator with the ability to explore and express their inner genius - and in this episode he shows you how.  “To me, feeling inspired is just an energetic frequency. It's an emotional frequency that just tops everything.” Contact Info:INSTAGRAM.COM/NICKONKENFACEBOOK.COM/NICKONKENINCLINKEDIN.COM/IN/NICKONKENWe thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

246: Justin Sharpe: Practicing Conscious Awareness

Ep. 246
“Words are like magic and sentences are like spells. They can take on multiple meanings. They can put things in motion. They are so powerful.” Justin Sharpe is the serial entrepreneur with several companies and a wide range of lived experiences.Listen to this conversation, and you’ll get an insight into how a deep-thinking entrepreneur processes his thoughts, experiences, and personal stories. It’s this depth of thinking that first drew me to Justin. I was inspired by his insatiable commitment to scrutinize himself for the purpose of knowing his truth.This episode dives deep into Justin’s personal life philosophies. We learn how his mother’s origin story led to an incredibly difficult childhood and how Justin chose to see his life through a more empowering lens and create a beautiful life for himself.  You’ll hear about the tools and practices Justin uses to go inwards and create his realities. We also explore definitions of purpose and how who you are can matter more than what you do. “Choosing fascination and intrigue, ultimately leads me to gratitude.” Key takeaways:How Justin brings conscious awareness to his unconscious operating systems. Integrating the wisdom of the mind, body, and soul. How words are magic and sentences are spells. Redefining our ability to navigate fear. Setting ourselves up to have deeper questions. How the higher self communicates to us through our body. Unpacking the programming of our subconscious. Remembering that we have the power to CHOOSE. Leading with intrigue and curiosity. Why the context of Justin’s mom’s story matters. Contact Info:Check out facebook >>> thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

245. Craig Villani: How To Hold Space For Transformation

Ep. 245
“The process of enlightenment may be realizing that reality in life exists for us and that we have the capacity to transform it and our relationship to it just by perspective alone.” Craig Villani has been in the yoga space for decades. A teacher since 1999, Craig has guided thousands of facilitators and instructors through one of the world’s most challenging hatha yoga teacher training programs. For Craig, yoga is about creating space for transformation, connection, exploring oneness, and knowing self. In this episode, Craig shares how the gift of witnessing and participating in human transformation empowered him to “midwife it, facilitate it, and assist it.” Craig’s insights about transformation, combined with his lived experience, make him a must-hear guest. I’m rarely blown away by people because of the amount of work they’ve done on themselves. Craig is the exception. Blurb 3: Why the listener wants to listen to this episodeKey takeaways:Why is the word ALLOW so powerful. What is bliss? Witnessing humans in transformation. The layered definition of yoga. Exploring the different aspects of self. Why we choose to forget. The role of death on the path to liberation. The gift of holding space. Unfolding the veil that separates our selves. Experiencing wholeness and fulfillment in our lives. “I used yoga as a Trojan horse to deliver the message of connection, transformation, expansion, and awakening.”Contact Info:Check out https://rajayogaacademy.comWe thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

244. Katie Hamilton Shaffer: Creating An Empowered Relationship With Failure

Ep. 244
“I believe every morning when I wake up, and I give gratitude for the fact that my family's still alive and my kids are healthy that I'm living my dream every with my eyes wide open.”This episode brings the Feast It Forward series to a close with a doozy of a conversation with visionary thinker Katie Hamilton Shaffer. Katie is the founder and visionary behind Feast It Forward - an intentional cultural lifestyle that combines food, wine, music, and philanthropy spiked with design. Inside this unique, no judgment, adult playground, people can connect, come together, and thrive. Katie’s story is one of joining dots, thriving because of NO, and following the call to serve in a big way after her mentor’s daughter was diagnosed with the rare neurological disorder Rett Syndrome. Tune in and get activated by Katie’s visionary gifts, her tenacity to live her dream, and her unshakeable commitment to leaving her blueprint in a world of naysayers. “Oddly, I am I'm fueled by no, and, and the fact that failing makes me stronger, like the pandemic made me stronger. Like I'm best with my back against the wall.”Key takeaways:Back story - how Feast It Forward came to be. The art of joining up the dots of your life to create magic. Why Katie LOVES hearing no. The tenacity that makes big things happen. Creating an empowered relationship with failure. How we mistake passionate confidence for cockiness and ego. The power of doing what you love.  The art of mindfully turning off the bullsh*t. And more…“The earplugs are in, and I'm only listening to my advocates and the people that support me.”Contact Info:Check out We thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

243. Raj Jana: Discovering The Art Of Self-Love

Ep. 243
“True liberation is found in the journey of self-love” After my experiences during July 2022, I’ve come to believe that the entire game of life is about discovering how to love yourself.The month started with a vulnerable conversation with Gina about codependency and outsourcing the responsibility we both have to self love. What followed was a month of expansive exploration round what it means to love myself and a renewed commitment to creating a f*ck YES, 10/10, conscious and flowing relationship. I’m sharing everything I learned in this episode, so it’s full of practical tips as well as vulnerable personal reflections. You’ll discover self-love examples and definitions to understand what self-love looks like. You’ll explore how life offers mirrors to ignite a self-love expansion. And perhaps most valuably, you’ll learn my systematic framework for loving yourself. As usual, Georgina El Morshdy is here to help guide the conversation. This one’s a doozy. Don’t miss it!“When you live in your heart, the cloudiness of life cannot dim your light.” Key takeaways:Relationship mirrors for igniting an exploration into self-loveWhat it’s like to demand a 10/10 relationship for yourselfReplacing codependency with self-loveWhy we outsource self-loveUnderstanding how self-love is an inner gameMy systematic framework for loving yourselfHow to ensure a desire to ‘be better’ doesn’t become a destructive forceWhy we feel the need to DO in order to be lovedWhat nature teaches us about self-loveAnd more…Contact Info:Georgina’s Instagram | Facebook | WebsiteRaj’s contact details. Instagram | WebsiteWe thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.