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207. How To Be Grateful When You’re Not Feeling It

Ep. 207
“I think we can use our challenges or our pains to go into gratitude with that lens of like, “How can I be grateful for it?”.”This week’s episode is the recording of an impromptu conversation between me and my sweetheart - the incredible Gina Worful. Here’s the backstory… It was Thanksgiving morning and Gina and I got talking about all the things we’re grateful for. We went deep; remembering all the people, opportunities, and synchronicities that have shown up for us. As we reflected together, some deep insights bubbled up and we realized that we wanted to share them with you.This episode is the product of that decision. I hope you enjoy it.“I think we needed to actually go against the grain of our intuition in order to break ourselves open and get those sledgehammer experiences.”A brilliant dietician, Gina is exceptionally gifted at bringing spiritual concepts back to the body - so we can experience who we are on a physical level more deeply. In her work, Gina helps people connect to their body through food and I really appreciated how this angle showed up in this conversation.Here’s what else we discussed:The power of listening to life’s nudges to change.How the death of Raj’s mentor inspired him to change his life.Why do we allow our health to get off track?What stops us from listening to instincts & intuition.Why anxiety shows up.How it feels to connect with yourself.Gina’s story of feeling gratitude for the moment when her life fell apart.The power of using fear to identify your edges.Why gratitude is like prayer.How food cravings are whispers that something needs to change.Leaning into the wisdom of the body.And more…It’s easy to be grateful for all the good things in your life and it doesn’t take much to show appreciation when life is on the up. But can you stay in a place of gratitude when you’re going through the worst struggles?One of the biggest takeaways for me was leaning into the power of feeling gratitude for the pain - knowing that there’s a learning or a hidden gift waiting to be discovered somewhere.I loved this episode because it helped me uncover insights about gratitude I’ve never discussed before. I’m grateful this conversation allowed me to uncover them. I hope you enjoy this conversation too.“I feel like our souls are choosing a path before we choose our path. Our souls know.”Contact Info:Raj Call to Action:We thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

206. Dawn Breslin: Recovering From Overwhelm, Stress, & Burnout

Ep. 206
“I started to recognize that the human system, the rhythm of a human is: grow and then rest, repair, grow again.”Rewind to 2012, and Dawn Breslin’s life broke apart. She’d been at the peak of her career - enjoying red carpet events, speaking on some of the biggest stages in the world, and authoring bestselling books.Then suddenly, the success was gone. A series of unavoidable life events escalated at the same time leaving Dawn emotionally, energetically and financially bankrupt to the tune of £100k. What in the moment felt like an identity death gently evolved into a rebirth. In a moment of surrender, Dawn tapped into the harmonizing effect of nature. This experience became a trigger that empowered Dawn to swap debt, burn out and energetic depletion to one of vibrant health, balance and radiant wellbeing.Now, Dawn empowers others to come into a rhythmic cycle and be potent in life by dancing the giving and receiving cycles. In this episode, Dawn shares how her Harmonizing Alignment Process guides us to heal the inner child, tap into the rhythm of human, and cultivate a fierce love for ourselves.“To be really potent, it's often a cyclical dance between receiving and then doing.”Dawn Breslin is a leading light in the field of coaching and personal transformation. Through her work as a TV & Radio presenter, best-selling Hay House author, inspirational keynote speaker and media consultant she has inspired thousands of individuals to heal, re-energise and transform their lives.Tune into this episode to hear Dawn and I explore the following:How Dawn’s life fell apart in 2012.Dropping into presence and finding the flow of life.Tapping into the awe in front of our eyes.How a flower transformed Dawn’s life and created a rebirth.The systems in nature that can help with our psychology.The role of inner child work in giving & receiving.Developing the inner dialogue to move through life with grace.The power of re-energizing work.Using boundaries to protect the self.Loving yourself into the fullness of your potential.“The connection with the inner child means that the energy work can be done, because you've got self-honor in place.”In a world that’s prioritized doing over being for so long, Dawn’s story is a reminder of the power of finding a rhythm between the two.Dawn’s story is so empowering and her presence is passionate. I learned so much from this episode and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way when you check it out.Contact InfoWebsite: Www.dawnbreslin.comFacebook: ​​ Call to Action:We thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

205. Kezia Luckett: Being The Lighthouse That Others Can Find

Ep. 205
“If you’re not aware that you’re telling the same stories, then you’re never going to look for a different story to tell. So I think awareness is key.”What if the stories you tell yourself about who you are aren’t even true?What if you could rewrite old narratives and gift yourself a more empowering identity inside which you can spark exponential growth and craft a life that lights you up.What if you had the courage to become curious about your feelings, your opportunities, and life in general?How do you imagine things would unfold for you when lived through a perspective like this?“It takes courage to explore who we are, how we want to live, and step out of the narrative that we’ve been taught.”This week’s guest is Kezia Luckett - a positive psychologist, best-selling author, and international speaker. Using her Energy Codes methodology, Kezia empowers women to create a life that’s in total alignment - so they can tap into the realms of possibility.In this episode, we explore how you can leverage your feelings, reframe your thinking, and shift your perpetual narratives to reclaim the truth of who you are.Check out these episode highlights:How Kezia invited her father to shift his perspective about the potency of these times.Take the opportunity to choose the lens we put on the situations or stories we tell.Embracing childlike curiosity to better understand the world.Feeling inspired to lean into our bodies in our search for truth.How postnatal depression inspired Kezia’s shift from doing to being.Remember that ALL emotions are phenomenal.Your feelings don’t have to define you.The story of the little boy, the fish, and why 50% of our memories may not even be true.Cultivating the courage to explore who we are and step out of the conditioned path.Remembering who you are so you can be a lighthouse.An introduction to Kezia’s Energy Codes methodology.And more...In a world of rampant external noise infused with chaos and confusion, knowing who you are at the deepest of levels sparks freedom. When we can empower ourselves with stories that lift us up, suddenly anything is possible.For a deeper-dive into the power we have to self-define and cultivate a more empowering identity, tune into this brilliant conversation with your new friend, Kezia Luckett.“The more we can shine our lights, the more we can fully embrace the essence of who we are, not only do we give permission for other people to do the same; we show them where we are, so they can come and find us.”Contact Info:Check out facebook - - - https://kezialuckett.comSummary/ Call to Action:We thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

204. Raj Jana: Learning To Love & Forgive Your Shadow

Ep. 204
“The reason I’m willing to go into the deepest aspects of myself is because my soul, my heart is really craving safety.”This episode of Stay Grounded is my reflection for the month of October. Looking back, this month was themed in two core halves. During the first two weeks, I found myself exploring ways to elevate my communication skills. After some triggers in my relationship, it became clear that some of my methodologies were ineffective and disempowering. I know communication is a challenge for a lot of us. After all, we often learn shitty communication from shitty communicators!In this episode, I hope to share with you some insights and discoveries I made this month that could empower you too.Another huge theme was learning how to feel psychologically safe. The more I explore my own healing journey, the more I uncover deep, core wounds. Learning how to be OK with my imperfections and flaws was another big theme this month - and one I talk about in detail in this episode.“When I feel powerful it's because I feel safe in my body.”As usual, my dear friend Georgina El Morshdy is here to hold space and guide us as we navigate this conversation about authenticity, expressing your needs, and having the courage to be imperfectly you.Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll hear us discuss:The power of cultivating self-awareness at this point in our history.The role interpersonal relationships play in creating safety in your body.What it means to create psychological safety.Communication as a gateway to having your needs met.Deepening into my Human Design and learning how to be a Projector.The danger of mind reading and asking for words of affirmation.Allowing myself to be messy and imperfect.Exploring why we’re so afraid to feel.Creating space between our feelings and our reactions.And more...The monthly reflection episodes are a key part of my monthly routines and rituals. The more I’m able to use hindsight as a tool for amplified self-awareness, the more I’m able to release the things that aren’t mine - and reclaim the parts that are.It’s my hope that my reflection inspires you to deepen into your own.“The greatest levels of self-love are coming from me allowing myself to be seen and share what’s truly in my heart.”Contact Info:Raj’s detailsGeorgina’s - Instagram & Facebook.Summary/ Call to Action:We thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

203. Dominick Quartuccio: When life Gives You No Choice But To Surrender

Ep. 203
“This past year has been a masterclass in surrender.”How would you navigate your way through an experience where you lost your core business overnight?Earlier this year, Dom Quarticcio accidentally sent an email about porn he’d written for his men’s group to his corporate clients.That email made his reputation toxic to the point that all his contracts were cancelled and deposits were pulled from his bank account.During a sacred plant ceremony, Dom asked his soul the question. “What the f*ck just happened?”The answer was clear, powerful and specific…. “Hey, dude, you said you were really serious about helping 10 million men get on this path. You're straddling the fence and now you have no other choice. And you're welcome.”What happened next is a powerful story of what’s possible when you surrender to the wisdom of your soul and the calling of your heart.“When you find your center, you no longer have to worry about the tornado. When you got your center, that’s all you need.”Dominick Quartuccio is the founder of The Great Man Mastermind, a series of masterminds for men who are ready to stop lone-wolfing their lives.Dom co-hosts The Great Man Within Podcast and is an international keynote speaker on topics centering men’s personal development, such as high-performance habits, designing a purpose driven life and why men need community. He is also the author of two books: Design Your Future and On Purpose Leadership. His work has been featured in the New York Times, on NPR and the TEDx stage.In this episode, Dom and I explore:Learning to surrender so you can co-create with the universe.What happened when Dom sent an email about porn to the wrong list.How Dom navigates the dance between fear and freedom.Learning to trust there’s a bigger plan that the universe can see.Dom’s experience with Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.The power of clearing your mind through ‘Morning pages”.COVID as the great accelerator.Getting to the source of what you want to feel.Creating safety to allow emotions to be explored.The boardroom of emotions & the four steps to emotional fluency.And more...Dom is always so candid about his journey and his experiences. His vulnerability and openness clears the path for others to dive deeper into themselves so they can surrender to what is.This conversation is a beautiful reminder of the power of surrender. I hope it inspires you to trust that the universe will cv-create with you to achieve your dreams.“Your soul just doesn’t give a shit about any big plans you have. Your soul wants what your soul wants when it wants it.”How to contactDominick@DominickQ.com Call to Action:We thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

202. Makhosi Candiss Pitts: Shamanic Wisdom On Discovering What You're Supposed To Do With Your Life

Ep. 202
“I’m trusting my own spirit over my mind and over what anybody else thinks.”Reflection is a fundamental practice that runs through everything I do. Recently, I’ve been finding a lot of value in revisiting old conversations - especially those I’ve had on this podcast. It’s why I knew I had to re-release this episode with Makhosi Candiss Pitts.Makhosi is an Abundance Activator & Authentic African Shaman who helps seekers create an extraordinary business and life using mindset, mindfulness and metaphysics mastery.She guides people to develop their intuition and cultivate the courage to trust their personal truth - so they can create limitless abundance, unparalleled freedom and exceptional impact.In this conversation, we explore what it takes to find your calling. How you can know when to listen to your heart and how to turn down the external noise and clutter so you can get at your truth and experience unlimited abundance and unparalleled freedom.“Your capacity for impact in this world, your capacity for love in this world, your capacity for fulfillment in this world is built in your willingness to experience the entire range of the human experience.”Makhosi has had an indelible impact on my own spiritual path. If you’re a spiritual seeker who’s ready to go deeper, you’ll love her energy as well as resonate with her own story of transformation and insane personal growth.Here’s a taste of what we explore:Why do humans crave a sense of sovereignty?What does it feel like to be a sovereign being?How do you know when you’re experiencing oneness?How do you learn to trust your intuition?How do you know what to trust in the present moment?What is freedom?Was there a time when you were afraid of making a big decision?Makhosi’s journey to becoming a shaman.And more...“The truth is in this moment, it's in the present, it's in the body.”If your soul is ready for more impact, freedom, and abundance, this episode is essential listening so check it out.How to thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

201. Ashley Gonor: Raising Confident, Compassionate, Courageous Kids

Ep. 201
“We don’t give kids enough credit for how brilliant they are and how they really do learn from observing the world.”The pandemic has been tough for kids. With routines disrupted, the pressure of homeschooling, and the difficulties that arise from navigating a new way of living, thousands of young people are learning to process different emotions and overcome different challenges.It has not been easy.But for some, this journey has been a catalyst for personal growth and development. Thanks to the increasing availability of online resources and social media conversations, more children are learning life skills such as gratitude, intention-setting, how to navigate their triggers, and how to listen to and trust their intuition.In turn, they’re discovering how to feel empowered in their lives - regardless of the external circumstances that they face.“By teaching children core values, when they make decisions they know they’re right or wrong because those core values are so ingrained in them.”This week’s guest - Ashley Gonor - is passionate about empowering children to cultivate confidence and self-awareness. As a coach, Ashley teaches children, teens, and young adults to create a mindset that empowers them to live their best life. With the help of her 6-Step Magical Formula, Ashley has transformed the lives of countless young people - equipping them to feel grounded in the truth of who they are.In this week’s episode, Ashley shares some of the mindsets and practices that she’s used with her clients and her own children to help them thrive.Key takeaways:The power of morning routines for kids.Intention setting for children.Cultivating the faith that things will happen in the right timing.Learning to trust the voice of intuition.Leveraging core values to make good decisions.Inspiring parents to invest in personal development work.Tips for navigating triggers and seeing the mirrors around us.Empowering children to navigate their own triggers.And more…It’s more important than ever to equip the next generation with the skills and attributes they need to lead humanity into our next wave of evolution. Ashley’s teachings and insights provide some potent ideas to help other parents equip their children for success.Check it out...“We’ve got to push past the fear. Everything is on the other side.”Contact Info:ashleygonor@gmail.comwww.ashleygonor.com Call to Action:We thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

200. Raj Jana: Learning How To Be Intimate With Life

Ep. 200
“If we could all just remember that every single person on this planet is seeking the same level of intimacy, the whole world would change.”As we kick-start Q4, I’m excited to bring the first ¾ of 2021 to a close with this powerful reflective conversation. This one is even more poignant for me because it’s episode #200 so I’m also holding space to acknowledge and appreciate the journey that got me here and all the incredible people I’ve interviewed and connected with along the way. Thank you.September was a big month for me. I had some of the most painful growth experiences, and I’m so grateful for the opportunities that empowered me to transcend into deeper levels of intimacy with myself, my interpersonal relationships, and with life.All this happened inside an increasingly divisive and chaotic world where we’re being called to find our true voice while navigating the shifting sands of society.“It took me years to get to this place where I feel powerful enough to choose my reality and not allow the noise outside of me to hinder my sense of self, my calling, my work, my personal power.”As usual, my dear friend Georgina El Morshdy is here to hold space, provide reflections, and help us navigate this important conversation about sovereignty, intimacy, and living authentically with your true self.Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll hear us discuss:How it feels to record the 200th episode of Stay Grounded.The important difference between sexuality and intimacy.The experience of moving beyond the honeymoon phase in my relationship.Using your interpersonal relationships to find and heal core wounds.How a practice of awareness expands everything.Finding sovereignty inside of external chaos and uncertainty.Allowing your body to alchemize what you’re feeling.Finding your voice in a world of chaos.Purpose is not what you do, it’s who you areLeveraging death cycles to heal and grow.And more...These monthly reflections are always an anchor for me because I get to practice being seen in even bigger ways.I hold little back in these episodes because I want to give you an intimate glimpse into the rich benefits that emerge from diving deep into self-growth and personal development. I’m passionate about the power and healing potential of self-awareness and by showing you how these energies inspire and empower my life, I hope they open up something deeper for you too.Thanks for being part of this incredible community. Here’s to the next 200 conversations.“Intimacy is an art, it’s a feeling, it’s something that you can experience with life.”Contact Info:Raj’s detailsGeorgina’s - Instagram & Facebook.Summary/ Call to Action:We thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.

199. Matthew Abrams: How to Reach Your Fullest Potential - Revisited

Ep. 199
“I actually am more brother and sister with people that are across incredibly diverse paths and walks of life than I had ever imagined.”I feel super pumped to re-release this powerful episode almost three years after I first recorded it. But as I listened back, it struck me how relevant this conversation is to the world we’re experiencing now.I first met Matthew Abrams when he was facilitating a mastermind. At the time, I was starting to dive into my inner work with more depth and intensity and Matthew stood out for me as someone who’d really mastered this dimension. I noticed it in his presence, in the way he communicated, and in the way he was able to hold space for people from all walks of life - and then guide them forward powerfully.This episode is about collective evolution as much as it is about individual development.Matthew addresses the sensitive issue of privilege, religion, and the barriers to wholeness in ourselves and as a collective. Could understanding that we all have a different piece of the puzzle help us find common ground and unite as one?“If you don’t know the injustices that we live in, in these days, you’re hiding under a rock.”In his work, Matthew is a facilitator who supports entrepreneurs and leadership teams through the EOS framework. EOS is a proven system that’s been implemented into thousands of companies with resounding and consistent success. Matthew is part of a small, global team who’s been trained in these processes.Here’s a taste of what you’ll experience:Why did Matt's life begin when he was 27.The role of curiosity in our lives.Privilege: How society supports Matt to NOT be curious about himself and how it influences how he sees the world.What causes ‘otherness’, religion, and how we get fragmented as humans. [The conversation Matthew has with his fears when they show up.The 5% ‘edge’ - why we avoid it, and why it’s where the magic sits.The story of Matthew’s parents’ divorce.The discipline to do the ‘work’ and two powerful reflection questions to ask yourself.And more...Brace yourselves for a deep discussion about courage, curiosity, and the need to understand yourself - so you can understand others. It’s a conversation that can get uncomfortable. Matthew acknowledges this, but inspires us to go to the uncomfortable edge because that’s where all the growth lies.I was so inspired by Matt’s presence and his philosophies - and Im sure you will feel exactly the same.“There’s something in the space between you and me, that’s magic. And only together through curiosity and exploration and a commitment to that pursuit, can we find it.”How to contactCheck out the work Matthew does with leadership teams in companies and how supports CEOs and founders at thrive on your feedback, so if you’ve enjoyed this show, please rate us and leave us a review. And don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode again.