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Episode 339 - The Power of Strategic Influence - 10 Success Factors of Highly Influential Leaders with Gary Laney

Ep. 339

Gary Laney joins us today to discuss the deep connection between leadership, influence, and relationships.

Gary is a two-times best-selling author, a Startup Entrepreneur, a former Hi-Tech Software Executive, Keynote Speaker, Founder of SBL Mastermind, and Former CEO of Trustegrity. Gary recently published "The Power Of Strategic Influence," a book where he sums up the most valuable lessons about leadership he gathered throughout his extensive and successful career in sales, management, and startups.

In this episode, Gary shares his thoughts on how influential leaders can modify entire teams' performances and outcomes. We delve into his background and the values he learned from his parents that he applied to his life.

We talk about his most recent book, why he decided to write it, how he dealt with the creative process, and which experiences inspired him the most for the job. Gary also talks about leadership, what attributes he believes every leader must have, and the importance of relationships, connections, and surrounding ourselves strategically with people that can add value.

Tune in to Episode 339 and learn about Gary's unique view on leadership, values, and being a positive influence for those around us.

Some Questions I Ask: 

Can you tell us about your background, including any turning points in your life that significantly impacted you? (3:56)

Tell us about your book. Why did you write it, and what's in it? (5:42)

How do you define leadership? (8:18)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

Gary talks about the process of writing his latest book (7:18)

What every good leader must do (9:19)

Why PDFs (Personal Driving Forces) are so crucial for leaders (11:48)

The Strategic Influence Assessment matrix and how we can use it to improve our leadership (12:31)

Gary shares some of the life lessons he got along the way that helped him polish his leadership abilities (19:35)


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