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Episode 329 - Inspirational Lessons on VISION From the 3 Little Pigs

Ep. 329

Developing a long-lasting stormproof vision is an essential part of our journey to becoming our best. Whether it is an organizational or personal vision, it'll provide direction to our teams, ourselves, and even our customers. 

In this episode, we analyze the transformational effects of setting a powerful vision. Using the 3 Little Pigs story as a case study, we unravel the benefits of having a well-thought, consistent vision that inspires those around to do their best to live and work according to that vision, which will also help them find their way back when they get out of track. 

We analyze several examples of companies that made their own and their customers' lives easier by providing a clear, short, and concise vision of how they conduct their business and what values they expect to deliver. We also look closely into a few details to consider when writing our personal vision, the pitfalls to avoid, and why it is crucial to check and review our vision from time to time. 

Tune in to Episode 329 of Becoming Your Best and learn the nuts and bolts of building a solid and transformational vision to lead your business and your life. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Three experiences that inspired today's episode (2:14)
  • The inspirational drive of a kids' story (6:51)
  • You want a vision that is made of bricks (12:59)
  • How to use a personal vision to inspire and guide others (14:24)
  • Tips and advice on how to write a personal vision (16:32)
  • How concise and clear visions can help build a solid business (19:48)

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Episode 346 - Leadership Lessons Applied to 3 Generations of the Family. Grandparenting 101 with Richard Eyre

Ep. 346
If you have to think about your primary focus, would you say it's your achievements or your relationships? Do you spend most of your time, thinking of new strategies and business plans or nurturing personal relationships with your loved ones? Although we all crave recognition, success, and money to provide a comfortable life for our families, none of that would mean anything if we don't have a meaningful relationship with them. In this episode, Rick Eyre, the first-ever guest on this podcast, revisits us to share another set of golden nuggets, this time about grandparenting and relationship building. Rick is a best-selling author, podcast host, facilitator, and speaker. He and his wife Linda are two of the most popular speakers in the world on parenting and families. They've been featured in virtually every popular talk show in the US, including the Today Show, Prime Time Live, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, and Oprah, to name a few. We explore the importance of building tight relationships between the three generations of a family and how grandparents can gain a relevant role in their grandchildren's lives. Rick shares details of why he got into writing and teaching about grandparenting, the unexpectedly massive response he and his wife got to their courses, and some fun memories from those events. Rick also explains how most of his teachings about grandparenting apply to leadership and team building, and much more. Tune in to Episode 346 to learn more about the value of getting three generations closer and working as a solid unit, and find the balance between family and work. Some Questions I Ask:What caused you and Linda to shift from teaching about parenting to working with grandparents? (7:17)You mentioned that three-generation families are the future. Can you talk just a bit more about that? (15:27)In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why and when grandparenting became a thing (5:26)Grandparenting is done 1 on 1; the same principles apply to 2 grandsons or 34 (9:11)Why relationships are more important than our achievements (14:13)The moment Rick and Linda realized they had to write two separate books about grandparenting (20:57)If there are problems we can anticipate and be prepared for, why don't we learn about them (26:39)Resources:Grandparenting 101 websiteEyres On the Road podcastRick and Linda Eyre's booksConnect with Rick:TwitterYouTubeBecoming Your Best Resources:Becoming Your Best WebsiteBecoming Your Best University WebsiteEmail: Facebook Group – Conquer Anxiety

Episode 345 - The 8 benefits of being on "Divine Time"

Ep. 345
There are simple things we can add to our routines that, once they become habits, can be massively impactful in our lives. Being in celestial or divine time is one of them, and in this special episode with our cameo guest, Rob Shallenberger, we'll learn everything about it. Today, we explore the concept of being in divine time, what it means, how we can organize our lives around this idea, and how to turn it into a habit. Rob shares his experiences with divine time at the Air Force and narrates how they developed a culture and standard procedures based on it. We also go through 8 benefits of actively practicing being in divine time, how it can improve our lives and the lives of everyone around us, make us better team players, build trust, and be more productive, among many other benefits. Tune in to Episode 345 of Becoming Your Best, and learn the secrets of this life-changing habit that can literally help you be more often in the right place at the right time. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About the origin of being in divine time concept (1:59)Our cameo guest, Rob Shallenberger, shares his experiences with the divine time at the Air Force (3:12)How being in divine time can positively affect how we feel about ourselves (8:29)The divine time and its stress-reducing properties (10:22)How to prevent accidents and increase productivity by adding the habit of being in divine time (13:35)What are the things we should avoid when getting ready for a meeting (14:40)Becoming Your Best Resources:Becoming Your Best WebsiteBecoming Your Best University WebsiteBecoming Your Best LibraryEmail: Book: Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful LeadersBook: Conquer Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety and Optimize Your PerformanceFacebook Group – Conquer Anxiety

Episode 344 - Listening to The Voice Within to Live a Full and Prosperous Life with Jefferson Rogers

Ep. 344
After many years of being surrounded by the wrong people and investing his time and energy into ephemeral things, our guest, Jefferson Rogers, realized he was not only heading on a path with no future but also destroying his life. Slowly but surely, he started to pay attention to the voice that echoed from within until an unavoidable truth hit him -- we are one decision away from a completely different life.Jefferson K. Rogers is the Founder and CEO of JKR Windows, a multimillion-dollar company built from scratch in less than five years. He is also a speaker, mentor, author, and host of the ALL IN podcast.In this episode, Jefferson shares the tumultuous path he went through before becoming a successful entrepreneur and depicts how different his life was just five years ago. We explore the importance of listening and letting ourselves be guided by our core values and how crucial it is to rely and focus on our family to grow and develop ourselves personally and professionally.Jefferson also shares his particular take on motivation, the power of trusting the process and being patient, and how critical it is to surround ourselves with the right people.Tune in to Episode 344 and let yourself be inspired by Jefferson's fantastic story and unstoppable desire to become his best.Some Questions I Ask: Could you tell us about your background and how you ended up where you are today? (3:33) For people that are struggling to get started or to really grow their business, how can they stay motivated through that whole process? (12:41) Can you talk about how important it is to have a strong network and mentors? (20:03)In This Episode, You Will Learn: Sometimes we need to reach a shallow point before realizing we need to change something (4:33) Dramatic changes are not about a magical moment; it is about a process (8:16) The importance of building our life on a foundation of solid principles and habits (15:13) Why surrounding ourselves by inspiring people is paramount to our future (20:08) Some of the most important lessons Jefferson has learned throughout his life (25:31)Connect with Jefferson:websiteLinkedInInstagramFacebookALL IN podcastBecoming Your Best Resources: Becoming Your Best Website Becoming Your Best University Website Book: Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful LeadersBook: Conquer Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety and Optimize Your PerformanceFacebook Group – Conquer Anxiety