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Episode 325 - Shawna Schuh - How Finishing School Can Help Leadership Thinking!

Ep. 325

True leaders are lifelong learners. Those in leadership positions must have an inherent love for learning new things and be humble enough to understand they don't know what they don't know. This thought is one of the many valuable lessons our guest, Shawna Schuh, learned throughout a life of working with and forming leaders from virtually every industry. 

Raised in a modest home, Shawna was sent to finishing school, where she ended up teaching for over 20 years. Shawna would teach young girls and help them achieve their dreams of becoming models, but after many years of guiding hundreds of teen girls on how to put themselves together, she discovered her true passion: forming leaders. 

Shawna Schuh is a lifetime adventurer, entertainer, and leadership expert. She holds a Master's Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and worked with Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Fashion Group International, and the National Speakers Association. Shawna also has two TEDx talks to her credit and a passion for helping leaders lead their teams effectively.

In this episode, we dive deep into Shawna's unique and infectious view on leadership. We talk about her upbringing, the influence finishing school had on her life, her thoughts on what makes a good leader, and why she believes leaders should become masterful questioners. Shawna also shared the three things most leaders do that limit their possibilities and the massive importance for leaders of having a clear intent guiding their actions. 

Tune in to Episode 325 and enjoy Shawna's leadership masterclass. 

Some Questions I Ask:

Tell us about your background, including any turning points in your life that's had a significant impact on you and what you're doing today (3:25)

Tell us about finishing school? What do you teach these young ladies? How did you prepare them? (7:22)

What are some of the limiting things leaders do? (21:05)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

About why Shawna's mother sent her to finishing school and Shawna's breakthrough moment being there (4:40)

The primary purpose of being a leader is to make things easier for others; it is about helping people come out with their own brilliance (10:22)

Shawna shares some tips to become a master questioner (15:04)

Three things leaders do that limit them (21:08)

The power of placing a question behind an affirmation (29:48)


Book: John Gottman - Eight Dates

Book: Richard Rohr - Immortal Diamond

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