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Episode 310 - The Neuroscience of Meditation, Sleep, and the Brain

Ep. 310

Watching her mother create beautiful pieces on a white canvas and her father, a self-made real estate agent, flipping houses with ease, Ariel Ganter learned early in her life she could create whatever she wanted and live her life without having "a real job." 


Pursuing her desire to help people have a better life, Ariel got in touch with a brain-computer interface system, EEG, capable of reading brain waves and providing real-time feedback on brain activity. Fast forward many years, Ariel would use EEG to develop a technology capable of helping people untangle their busy minds with the power of mindfulness.


Ariel Garten is the Founder and Chief Evangelism Officer at IteraXon Inc, responsible for creating MUSE, The Brain Sensing Band. MUSE makes meditation easier by sensing the brain activity and sending that information to a phone or tablet, providing the user with real-time audio feedback to help take the guesswork out of meditation.


In this episode, Ariel shares bits of her past and her parents' influence in becoming who she is today. We talk about her almost 20 years-long journey to create MUSE, how the brain sensing band works, and how it makes people's lives better. Ariel kindly explained why meditation is so good for us, how many meditation types are available, and how long it takes to start seeing the results of meditating consistently. We also talk about how our brain works while sleeping, the MUSE digital sleeping pill, and much more. 


Tune in to Episode 310 to learn about the benefits of meditation and proper sleeping, and what we can do to improve them.  


Some Questions I Ask: 

Tell us about your background, including any points in your life that significantly impacted you (5:38) 

Tell us about meditation. What is it? How do you do it, why it works, and what happens in the brain when we meditate? (8:51) 

Do you have a favorite type of meditation that you'd like to do? (14:09) 


In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

From trying to help people control things with their minds to teaching people how to manage their minds (6:24) 

For how long should someone meditate to start seeing positive results (12:55) 

How our brain works during sleep (15:20) 

About MUSE digital sleeping pill (20:26) 

What trauma does to our brains (27:02) 



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