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Episode 351 - Breaking Free from Defeat and Despair with Weldon Long

Ep. 351

On the first day of his seven-year sentence in a federal prison, the third and last time he would be in jail, our guest, Weldon Long, had a moment of clarity. His life was heading directly to make his worse fears come true: living and dying in prison, not being a good father to his three-year-old son, and ending up broke, homeless, and feeling like a total loser.

He knew he had to make a radical change and that all odds were against him. In today's episode, you'll learn about Weldon's incredible story.

Weldon Long is a Keynote Speaker, NYT Best-selling Author, CEO and Founder, and Mindset and Sales Expert. He transformed his life from a high school dropout and homeless three times convicted felon to a successful entrepreneur, business owner, and present and loving father.

Our conversation spins around Weldon's extraordinary comeback, the habits he built over time to make a 180° change on a personal and professional level, and the experiences that inspired his books. Weldon shared several golden nuggets of wisdom he learned throughout his life, the challenges he faced and overcame, and so much more.

Tune in to Episode 351 and learn about the extraordinary power of focus, commitment, consistency, and leading your life by vision.

Some Questions I Ask:

Could you share whatever you think is relevant about your life, including any turning points that significantly impacted you? (6:15)

What are some of the critical things, realizations, or insights that were most helpful to you? (13:44)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The influence our thoughts have on what we end up becoming (3:37)

What we can learn from successful people? (8:40)

We can live in our imagination or our past; the choice is ours (14:44)

Becoming the best version of ourselves is a daily job (20:42)

It is not about what we know; it is about what we do to become successful (23:11)

The Power of Consistency (25:44)


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