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Dr. Will Moreland | Finding and Living Your Genius Potential

We asked you to let us know what topics you would like us to cover to help you enrich your life personally and professionally. We heard you out and decided to invite best-selling author, international speaker, and leadership trainer, Dr. Will Moreland, to answer some of your questions.

Growing up in Compton,Will’s environment did not necessarily encourage him to realize his own potential. In fact, he faced a lot of challenges early on in life. But after joining the Army and discovering his true calling, Will has worked hard to inspire leaders around the world to “live genius”.

In this episode, Will and I will discuss…

  • What set him on a pathway to realize his own potential
  • Will’s turning point
  • How you can influence and transform the lives of others
  • His strategies for staying motivated
  • How to find the positive in a negative situation
  • The advantage of setting big B.A.G.S (Bold Audacious Goals)
  • How crucial accountability can be when you’re trying to stay motivated
  • Why it’s so important to not be afraid of failure
“Always remember who you want to impress at the end of your life and structure your life to…




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Episode 235 - The First Person You Must Lead is You!

Season 1, Ep. 235
Leadership is a journey and such a driving force in life! It is both tangible and intangible, and where it really makes a difference is in crisis. It makes a difference between a good and a great family, agood and a great community, ora good and a great company, because it takes a great deal of self-discipline to be a leader, to be on time,and to choose the harder right over the easier wrong.The perfect place to learn these values is in the army, and oftentimes, the people that have served in the US Military, in high positions, have become excellent leadership examples to follow.In today’s episode,Becky and I discuss the qualities and the values a highly successful leader must have, the reasons why everything starts with yourself, and the importance of knowing when to step up and admitting whenit’stime to step down. We also dive deep into her experience in the Military and how it was for her,not only tobe a woman in a men’s world, but also thrive in there and lead thousands of soldiers in combat.Becky Halsteadisa retired Brigadier General who founded her own consultancy company - STEADFAST Leadership - after 27 years of service in the United States Army, and one year as the Executive Director for Leader Development withPraeviusGroup.Shehas been honored to be selectedto attend West Point in 1977 - entering with the second class of women and being the first kid from her hometown to graduate from West Point.She'sblessed to be the first female graduate of West Point to be promoted to General Officer and she served and commanded in combat, as the first female Commanding General at the strategic level of leadership in Iraq - leading 20,000 soldiers, 5,000 civilians from 2005 to 2006 - a first for our Army and our Nation.Becky has also written the leadership book, “The First Person You Must Lead Is You”, so listen toEpisode 235ofBecoming Your Best,to learn some strategies she used in the military and how can those translate in thecivilian world so that we can all become our best at leading teams.Questions I ask:Could you, please, tell us about your background, including any turning points that have had a significant impact on you? (03:00)What was it like to be the first woman graduate who became a general?(10:59)How did you deal with the setbacks you encountered in your journey? (12:45)How did your book come to be? (17:20)What isthe value of both practical and tactical leadership, in being able to get results?(21:26)In this episode, you will learn:HowBecky’shigh school coach influencedherdecision to goto West Point.(05:19)The importance of not quitting when it gets tough. (07:35)How the death of Becky’s coach has helped her later in life, during her military career. (09:11)What the acronym STEADFAST stands for and the reason Becky decided to make it her leadership model. (19:26)One of the most important qualities a leader should possess. (22:36)The difference between practical and tactical leadership. (23:45)Connect with Becky:WebsiteFacebook PageLinkedInTwitterBook:Becky Halstead – The First Person You Must Lead Is YouYouTube ChannelBecoming Your Best Resources:Becoming Your Best WebsiteBecoming Your Best University WebsiteBecoming Your Best LibraryEmail:support@becomingyourbest.comBook:Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful LeadersBook:Conquer Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety and Optimize Your Performance

Episode 234 - Dallas Jenkins - Producer and Director of The Chosen

Season 1, Ep. 234
Over the last few decades, in our culture,it’salmost been this move-away from being able to have open conversations. There is this fearthat people get offended so easily andit seems likethere’sa lot of things that we can’t talk about.Andthat’sunfortunatebecause there’s so many conversations that we could be having with others if we were willing to have an open mind and an open dialogue, without necessarilyworryingaboutoffending others.One of these types of discussions that havebecometaboo-likein our culture, are around God and religion.That’swhytoday,we invited someone that is literally influencing the world through the short films, movies, and TV series that he producesand are faith-based.Dallas Jenkins is the Producer and Director of “The Chosen” –the first-ever multi-seasoned show about the life of Christ. This series was born out of Dallas’sbiggest career disappointment, anditencompasses the Gospels in the Bibleand sharesa beautiful message of hope. The first season had just reached 32 million views and Dallas and his team plan to do seven more seasons and touch on a billion people’s souls.Listen toEpisode 234ofBecoming Your Bestto find outthe events that led to the birth of this masterpiece, howit’simpacting people so far, and what the future holds for “The Chosen”.Questions I ask:Can you, please, tell us a little bit about you? (03:13)What is your vision for “The Chosen”? (22:38)Up to this point, what were one or two of the biggest highlights from the whole experience of putting together season one?(25:59)In this episode, you will learn:How “The Chosen” was born. (04:22)Dallas’s biggest career failure. (07:05)The story of The Feeding of the 5000 and its meaning. (08:44)An example of what “Impossible math” means – HowDallas managed to break the records of crowdfunding. (13:38)HowthePay It Forward programworks and how you can help fund this project. (16:09)The top reasons why people have been sopassionate about this show. (19:06)Connect with Dallas:“The Chosen” onVidAngel“The Chosen” AppDallas Jenkins on IMDBInstagramFacebook PageLinkedInBecoming Your Best Resources:Becoming Your Best WebsiteBecoming Your Best University WebsiteBecoming Your Best LibraryEmail:support@becomingyourbest.comBook:Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful LeadersBook:Conquer Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety and Optimize Your Performance

Episode 233 - Conquer Anxiety

Season 1, Ep. 233
Anxiety is something that reaches more peoplethan we realize. It's something that touches us in so many different ways, and it’s crucial to learn where it comes from, to understand how it influences us,and how can we begin to take control over our past experiences that trigger it.We wanted to make it easier for you to get all the information you need related to overcoming this feeling, so we worked onabookcalled, “Conquer Anxiety”,that’sdesigned to do just that. Co-authoring with us is Jon Skidmore, a licensed psychologist and a professor at Brigham Young University,who has an amazing background inhelping people through anxiety and all kinds of performance anxiety-related issues.Today,we invited him to share some powerful insightsinto understanding the basics ofhow our brain functions, and whywe’resometimes driven by fears that create powerful anxieties that get in our way throughout the journey of becoming our best.Jon iscommitted to getting the psychological skills of peak performance and mental toughness into the hands of performers of all ages and stages. Listen toEpisode 233ofBecoming Your Bestto learn how the book he wrote alongside with us can help you get a clearer view on the triggers that activate the flight response that stops you from achieving greatness.Questions I ask:Why do we experience anxiety in the first place, as human beings?(02:41)There is an assessmentinChapter 2 ofour book “Conquer Anxiety”. Why is it so important for people to take it before they jump to learning the other different techniques? (08:41)As you see and meet with people on a daily basis, what are some of the most common recurring things that you see?(16:39)In this episode, you will learn:The importance of knowing that you activate your anxiety faster than you can deactivate it. (04:25)The way our adult fears and anxiety triggers are deeply rooted inour childhood experiences. (05:35)How our brain tendstofirstseethe negative in a situation. (10:55)Thebenefitsofdoing the assessment in chapter 2 of the book “Conquer Anxiety”.(14:36)The fivestages of peak performance that will help you conqueryouranxieties. (15:36)The distinction between positive and negative visualization &Howthey both impact our lives. (18:54)The importance of designing a mindset when we create our visions. (20:46)Facing the anxieties and the fears that you have expands your world and your possibilities. (24:52)Connect with Jon:LinkedInWebsiteBecoming Your Best Resources:Becoming Your Best WebsiteBecoming Your Best University WebsiteBecoming Your Best LibraryEmail:support@becomingyourbest.comBook:Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful LeadersBook:Conquer Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety and Optimize Your Performance