Good Shepherd Barrhaven Sermon Stream

We're a Christian church located in the suburbs of Ottawa, where it can be hard to feel connected to God, to each other, and to the places we live and work in. These sermons tell the story of how Jesus helps us live out our faith in this disconnected environment: setting down roots in the community, growing in character and moral honesty, and learning to love one another in deep, lasting ways. Have a listen and learn how to set down roots in your own life.

Fr. Stephen Silverthorne

Father Stephen has been a parish priest since 2002, and priest in charge here since 2014. Before studying for the priesthood, he obtained a degree in microbiology and then studied law at uOttawa (didn't finish his degree though!). He is husband to Tabea, father to four little girls, lover of wilderness and connoisseur of home brewing.