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ONS Energy Talks

Hydrogen+Renewables=Match made in heaven?

Season 3, Ep. 6

Is hydrogen the perfect match for intermittent renewable power? Hear Martin Kjäll-Ohlsson (EV, Vergia) and Holger Matthiesen (SVP, Mainstream Renewable Power) discuss how hydrogen and offshore wind can work together.

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  • 10. Batteries+Solar Power

    What do we do when the sun doesn't shine? Or when there is no wind? The building of battery value chains will be crucial to combine with intermittent power sources, for example solar power. Hear Mette Rye-Larsen from Otovo and Thore Sekkenes from Inno Energy and the European battery alliance reflect on the unique power combo.
  • 9. Is hydrogen safe? (RERUN)

    RERUN FROM JUNE 2022: The world demands more energy and hydrogen is turning out to be a significant part of the future energy mix. Hydrogen only emits water, which makes it an exciting source of energy. However, there are challenges related to hydrogen3 Highlights from the ONS Energy Talk with Frida Eklöf Monstad, Senior Advisor Low Carbon Solutions, EquinorIs hydrogen safe? Yes, if you manage the risk correctly.We cannot compete on safety. We need to collaborate and trust each other.To increase the demand for hydrogen, we need to build the markets and develop new value chains.Do not miss out on the first H2 Conference, Norway, Sep 7 in Stavanger.
  • 8. CCS: Do we have the right business models to make it work?

    How do we scale up and make CCS a viable alternative to reduce emissions? Three guests share insight from different points of view. In the studio: Alexander Engh, Deputy Director General at the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Vetle Houg, Head of Sustainability at Heidelberg Cement in Northern Europe and Johanne Koll-Hansen Bø, VP and Head of CCS at Altera Infrastructure. Host: Inger Johanne Stenberg, Communication Director, ONS.
  • 5. Breaking down the silos in the energy sector

    Hear Alfredo Parres in Hitachi Energy and Morten Halleraker from Norsk Hydro discuss and share from their careers spanning across different types of energy. This episode of ONS Energy Talk was recorded at the Net Zero Markets Kick Off in Stavanger. ONS Net Zero Markets is a unique full-year network and an ONS conference arena explaining, exhibiting and connecting people and companies across low-carbon and renewable energy.
  • 4. Has Europe built an energy fortress?

    How does the European energy market look form Asia, and do the Europeans tend to forget how significant and big the Asian markets and energy sector really is? ONS is proud to present a brand new Energy Talk with Indian thought leader Narendra Taneja.
  • 3. ONS 2024 theme - what does it mean?

    To take the action that really matters, to step up and think ahead. To continue the good work and build on our progress. To not only think about it in today’s realism, but truly IMAGINE what we could achieve. Imagine is more than a word, is it the direction, vision and theme for ONS 2024.What if world leaders stepped up and agreed on how we can accelerate the solutions and policies saving the climate?What if we could stand together facing those aiming to destroy our security and create chaosWhat if the worst of times brings out the best of technology enabling it all?
  • 2. Do the economic sanctions on Russian energy work?

    Price cap on Russian oil, new sanctions on petroleum products and a volatile energy market. Dr. Tatiana Mitrova helps us understand more in this episode of ONS Energy Talks.
  • 1. The North Sea as an energy super basin

    As of now Norway is a stable supplier of energy to Europe, but will it last? Neivan Boroujerdi, Research Director north sea Upstream in Wood Mackenzie gives us the outside look of the Norwegian Continental shelf in light of recent APA rounds, offshore wind initiatives and everything energy.