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Ep69: Pale Bird & 18 Jokes About Getting Arrested

Ep. 69

Frank launches a bid to become an edgy comedian by telling eighteen jokes about being arrested.   


This week’s guest is the multi-talented and endlessly interesting Martin Zaltz Austwick, AKA Pale Bird.  Martin’s new album is a collaboration with singer/songwriter Lily Sloane called I Told You How Important You Would Be.  Martin talks about the process of recording the album from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. He also tells Frank about recording the album, Year of The Bird, while travelling the world, and the experience of analysing every single Tom Waits song for the Song By Song podcast.  (Martin’s also a podcasting legend, by the way.) 


Featuring the songs Personal Space, The Cascade Mountains and Pocket Full of Bones. 


Everything you need to know about Martin Zaltz Austwick & Pale Bird: 





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