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Ep55: Reid Paley & The Dragon

Ep. 55

Frank has another story to tell. A true story, about a dragon. 


Then he meets one of his musical heroes, Reid Paley. Reid tells Frank about his long and varied musical history, his uncompromising style, his work with the Reid Paley Trio, and his enduring association with Frank Black / Black Francis, including the recording of their collaboration, Paley & Francis.


This episode features the Reid Paley Trio songs, Everything’s Going Wrong (& That’s Alright), and The Dark Sky, both taken from the album Approximate Hellhound. More information here: https://reidpaley.bandcamp.com/


This week, Ragbag Recommends Freight Train Boogie Podcast and Americana Boogie Radio: http://ftbpodcasts.com/


Frank’s website: www.frankburton.co.uk

Frank’s email: fjb79@hotmail.com


Other music this week:

The Cancel – Intro From Space: https://dustedwax.org/dwk156.html

Lee Rosevere – HEAVN: https://leerosevere.bandcamp.com/

Theme tune: ProleteR - April Showers: https://proleter.bandcamp.com

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