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Ep52: Benedict Cumberbatch Takeover

Ep. 52

At long last, Benedict Cumberbatch gets to achieve his ultimate ambition of hosting the Ragbag podcast. Besides playing some fantastic music, Benedict shares some secrets of the acting world, including a potentially libellous tale about fellow thespian, Nigel Planer.

For the Ragbag Recommends feature, Benedict shares some details of his favourite author, David Hailwood. More details here: https://www.davidhailwood.com/

More about Frank Burton (remember him?): www.frankburton.co.uk

Frank's email (if he's still alive): fjb79@hotmail.com

Tracklist & links:

Morgan Sadler – Go On: https://morgansadler.bandcamp.com/

Vintage Beats – Arrange: https://archive.org/details/DWK305

Sondios Profundos - Mi Porrito de Media Noche: https://dorogrecords.bandcamp.com/

Nemanja - The World: https://nemanja.bandcamp.com/

Morgan Sadler – Been Known To: https://morgansadler.bandcamp.com/

Theme tune: ProleteR - April Showers: https://proleter.bandcamp.com

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