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Ep43: Sycamore Steve Takeover

Ep. 43

Sycamore Steve stands in for Frank, who is busy promoting his new book. Steve takes this opportunity to offer an exclusive listen to his song, Sycamore Steve (Sitting At The Top Of The Tree). Then it all goes a bit wrong.

This time Ragbag Recommends two brilliant podcasts, Nothing Ever Happens in Canada and Genuine Chit Chat.

Check them out here:



Frank's website: www.frankburton.co.uk

Frank's email: fjb79@hotmail.com

Tracklist & links:

Lulacruza – Lagunita: https://lulacruza.bandcamp.com/

The ambient drones of Bill Baxter - Once More Into Nightfall VI: https://billbaxter.bandcamp.com/

Lobo Loco – Nice to be Near by You (ID 1014)  www.musikbrause.de Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)

Debussy Bach Restaurant – 02: https://debussybachrestaurant.bandcamp.com/ 

Chrisopa - Last Membrane: https://archive.org/details/escala16_Crisopa_-_Last_Membrane_EP

Theme tune: ProleteR - April Showers: https://proleter.bandcamp.com

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