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Hitting Lessons from a Baseball legend - Joe "The Hit Doctor" Barth

Ep. 221

Joe is the founder of Tri City Aresnal, a nationally known travel baseball organization based out of New Jersey. Joe has sent thousands of kids to play college baseball, and hundreds that ended up playing professional baseball, including one of the greatest players of all time, Mike Trout. Joe made the jump to be in baseball full-time in the mid 80s after being a full-time CPA until he was 42 years old. He started out with his own facility and eventually got into showcases, high school baseball, camps, and eventually Tri City Aresnal in the mid 90s. 

“The Hit Doctor” as he’s widely known around the country breaks down his core beliefs about developing hitter’s in this episode. We get into mechanics, approach, practice design, and the mental game. Joe tells some great stories about some of the best hitters to ever play including Ted Williams and Joe Morgan. 

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