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Building a High School Program with Art Senato

Ep. 231

For the past thirty years, Art Senato has been coaching high school baseball. This year he decided to take on a new challenge and become the Head Coach for Centennial Spartans High School Baseball Team, in Burleson Texas. Art takes us behind the scenes and tells us how he's building the program in his first year as head coach. We also talk about helping kids in the recruiting process, playing time, off-season workouts, and building a culture.

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Texas A&M Softball Hitting Coach - Craig Snider

Ep. 253
In this episode, we have Craig Snider. Craig is currently the hitting coach and recruiting coordinator at Texas A&M University. He won a National Championship when he was at his prior school, Florida State University, back in 2018.Craig talks a bit about what they do at Texas A&M from a development standpoint and what he's looking for in recruits. It's fun to go across onto the softball side and see some of the similarities and differences between baseball and softball, doing some cool stuff with force plates down there.He talks a bit about some of the fantastic projects behind the scenes.SHOW NOTES:[1:52] Why did you start and continue to stay in softball your entire career?[4:27] How have you evolved over those 21 years as a coach?[6:04] How have you gone about being able to make changes that show up in the game?[8:05] What good exit velocity for a college softball player?[9:09] Is there a team philosophy you have like I was listening to another podcast you did earlier. Did you talk about having a common language amongst your players?[10:36] Vertical elite-What would be elite?[10:46] Is there a correlation between the release point and vertical break?[10:58] What would be an approach to facing a pitcher with an eight to ten-inch vertical break?[15:24] Why would you want to run and swing, and I mean, is that just you're trying to hit ground balls?[17:40] If you see someone's a slapper, are you probably not to look at them?[18:23] What are you looking for from a defensive standpoint?[20:27] How do you identify players you want to recruit?[22:51] This is purely testing how the brain works, so this is actually like a blueprint of how your brain thinks and works.[26:31] What are the percentages for pitchers who throw change-up versus other pitches?[27:40] How do you give this information to the players?[29:48] What's something that you would say the majority of players out there if they worked on it, would help them in the long run?[33:09] Why do you think that is about players being on top of the play?FOLLOW CRAIG:TWITTER:Coach_SniderSBAggieSoftballWEBSITE:

The 12 Commandments of Amateur Baseball with Mark Helsel

Ep. 252
In this episode, I talk to Mark Helsel. Mark is the founder and current director of US Elite Baseball which is a successful travel baseball organization for several years. US Elite is one of the top travel baseball organizations in the country. He talked about practical guides for parents of young athletes and how to develop youth players.He shares tips with parents and coaches on how to act during practices and games.SHOW NOTES:[2:57] What separates US Elite Baseball?[4:40]What advice would you give to people across the country?[5:52] What's been a big challenge for your organization over the last couple of years?[6: 57] What's your take on dealing with parents?[10:42] What are some of the things that you you try to educate the parents on?[16:58 What I want parents to do is understand that everybody matures differently.[20:34] What do you tell parents if their kid isn't hustling, running hard, or being a good teammate?[22:51] Glass half empty type personality and baseball.[23:52] One of the things that I talk to our parents a lot about is you can't want this more than they want it.[27:47] We can just focus on the process the development and stop talking about how many hits we have.[30:27] Let them speak for themselves if they're gonna be a college athlete.[31:25] I would never let sports become a rift between me and my son.[35:10] When we call this game of failure.[38:41] We have a definition for the word commitment.[41:32] Four roles that you can play.[42:27] You got to trust us as your son's mentor.Follow US Elite BaseballTwitter:USElitebase

Travel Baseball, College Recruiting, and working with Hitters - Marcus Davis

Ep. 251
In today’s episode, I speak to Marcus Davis. Marcus is a hitting coach in the private sector but has been on each side of the spectrum from former Midland and professional player to now coach of the 17U Braves.He brings a wide variety of content about college recruiting,working with players, parents' expectations, and hitting as well.He talks about working with players in the cage.Learn about work habits and the ability of players to work through some adversity in this episode.SHOW NOTES[2:38] What's been your experience you coaching travel baseball last couple of years?[3:36] What are you looking for when it comes to just players on your team obviously you can't take everybody. What type of players are you looking for?[5:02] These days it seems that there are probably way more kids feeling that they're a top prospect when they're not actually but because of how early a lot of the recruiting is and social media. How did you handle the hype?[6:40] Do you see that though with other kids nowadays where they get some attention and then they maybe get a little bit complacent they stop working because they get an offer really early on for big schools?[9:34] Why do you need to be traveling all over the country if you're already really good at getting offers at a young age?[11:30] How do you go about choosing the tournaments that you guys are going to play in?[12:20] Are you guys able to practice during the summer and how does that work with the travel schedule?[13:49] You played at junior college in Walters state and then went on to Florida state, so you went from a junior college to a power five school.[22:33] How could you expect these parents and players to know what it's like?[28:39] Why did you decide to go to a power five school?[29:45] You already had performed at junior college which is good baseball it wasn't like you went from high school.[32:24] What if his thing is I might go to JUCO for a year and then try to transfer but he already has division one offers?[38:11] How do you go about helping your own guys?[40:43] Is there a system you have when it comes to working with guys?[42:48 ] If you're hitting baseballs over 100 miles an hour you probably don't need to set aside just an hour focused solely on bat speed training.[50:23]What's the best way for someone to contact you if they want to hit with you?FOLLOW MARCUS:Twitter:@_thehittingMDPatrick Jones Baseball