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Behind the Markets Podcast: Ellen Zentner

Ep. 183

Show from 6/19/20

Wharton Finance Professor Jeremy Siegel, along with co-host Liqian Ren, kicks off the show with his weekly market update. He says we're headed for a modest, range bound market. He also mentions uncertainty regarding a second outbreak but for now explains that liquidity is still flowing into the markets. Then hosts Jeremy Schwartz and Kevin Flanigan talk to the Chief U.S. Economist at Morgan Stanley, Ellen Zenter, about their midyear outlook. According to Ellen, pent up demand will stimulate the economy as it reopens. She also compares the 2008 crisis to the COVID-19 epidemic saying that they are two very different situations and she expects a quicker recovery in today's economy.


Ellen Zentner - Chief U.S. Economist for Morgan Stanley

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Kevin Flanagan - Head of Fixed Income Strategy

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