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Gay Hendricks on Creating Conscious Luck into The Genius Zone

Dr. Gay Hendricks is a Counseling Psychology, writer, best-selling author and co-author of several books.In this episode Gay joins us to talk about his book, about Creating Conscious Luck and how to spend more time in our genius zone, an open space of spirit. Dive into what inspired Gay to write his book, the concept of “Luck” and how it can heal, how to drop into a space of limiting beliefs to a place with more luck and criteria necessary to set worthy goals.Level up your life with unlimited access to every Mindvalley Quest Program (over 30+ programs). All Yours. Instantly. GayAfter receiving his Ph.D. from Stanford, Gay worked as a professor teaching Counseling Psychology at the University of Colorado for twenty years. Today, and for more than forty years, he has served as one of the major contributors in the field of personal growth, relationships, and bodymind intelligence. He trains professionals in education, therapy, coaching and medicine. Together with Katie, his partner, he teaches core skills for conscious living and conscious loving.Gay has coached over eight hundred executives, including the top management at firms such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, and KLM. He has offered seminars worldwide and appeared on more than 500 radio and television shows, including OPRAH, CNN, CNBC, 48 HOURS and others.Tune In:01:29- What Inspired Gay To Write His Book Conscious LuckThrough experience, phsycology, meeting Ram Dass and big questions, Gay has come to many conclusions about the human species. He talks about the genius zone, an open space of spirit and how almost everything in Gay’s life has been about finding different ways to reveal that open space. In Conscious Luck he is able to put everything together as to how to make yourself lucky.“If you are the luckiest person that you have ever met, what you want to do is make everyone else feel the same way too”17:14 - Luck as a Way of Living That HealsGay talks about our spirit radar. Something inside which looks for new opportunities and can heal. He thinks our spirit radar is just like the one some animals have in nature. He refers to what pulls sea turtles to travel every year one thousand five hundred miles to lay eggs, and hummingbirds to travel every year with no food over the Gulf of Mexico.“We come with a spirit radar inside which seeks out opportunities for us to grow psychologically, spiritually and emotionally”27:51 -Dropping Into a Space Holding Shame To Have a Place With More LuckGay talks about something that works miracles. Grounded in his own painful experience discovering shame and that it had been occupying space in his body for a long time, Gay discovers that this space can be occupied by something other than shame, it can be occupied by whatever you want to replant the field with.“I now rededicate my shame field to an attractor field for luck and love”42:04 - Setting Luck Worthy GoalsIt all comes to the important things you really want and to make sure your life is about those goals. Gay shares his driving heart scented goals, which are yours?“If I were the luckiest man on earth, what would I want?”51:25 - The Importance About the Pace Around the Company You KeepGay talks about the importance and the conscious choice of being with people that match your growth in evolution.“Everybody needs people in their live’s whose faces light up when you walk into the room ”54:14 - Luck as a synonymous to gratitudeGay refers to Carol Kline when talking about luck and gratitude being the same thing and part of the same space. He talks about what he does everyday to feel that space of pure consciousness within himself and how it expands with gratitude.“If you are grateful for what you have, that puts you in a very receptive place for better things to happen”Gay’s books:“Conscious Luck - Eight Secrets To Intentionally Change Your Fortune”:"The Big Leap":“Five Wishes”: resources:Ram Dass: Gay went up to this spiritual leader and asked him “What do you recomend I do if I wanted to really open up to the maximum amount of spirit I can feel in myself?” And Ram Dass said: “Don’t worry, something will come to you”.“Yoga,Youth and Reincarnation” book by Jess Stearn: Paperback book about breathing, yoga and meditation exercises; this is what Ram Dass said would come to him.“Because I love” poem by Kathleen Raine: “There is an invisible way across the sky, Birds travel by that way”. Fragment of the poem Gay refers to when talking about us wired the same way as birds when looking for genius zone: with Gay:Website: the Inspired Evolution Community:Facebook:

Scott Carney on Identifying the Wedge

Scott Carney is an investigative journalist, anthropologist, and author.About ScottScott lives in Denver Co., was based for a long time in India, speaks Hindi and has done reporting and investigations in some of the most dangerous parts of the world. His work blends narrative non-fiction with ethnography, and he writes for a popular audience always trying to blend his methods and questions of anthropology. He has written about organ trafficking, the dangers of meditation and how to tap into a fundamental aspect of the mind body connection. After writing his book on “gurus”, Scott intended to debunk Wim Hof, trying his methods of immersing himself into cold and placing himself into extremely uncomfortable situations intending to build high levels of endurance and resilience. He even climbed a mountain 15 degrees below zero in his bathing suit! Scott discovered this man would transform his life and be the pinpoint of his best seller. These experiences helped Scott discover a new technique which has the name of his latest book “The Wedge: Evolution, Consciousness, Stress, and The Key to Human Resilience”, a method to gain resilience to any environmental stimulus wedging control over automatic physiological responses into the breaking point between stress and biology.Scott was a contributing editor at Wired and his writing also appears in Mother Jones, Men’s Journal, Playboy, Foreign Policy, Discover, Outside and Fast Company. His work has been the subject of a variety of radio and television programs, including on NPR and National Geographic TV. In 2010, he won the Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism for his story “Meet the Parents,” which tracked an international kidnapping-to-adoption ring.If you would like to listen to Scott Carney’s latest book “The Wedge: Evolution, Consciousness, Stress, and The Key to Human Resilience”, please go to: you would like to read his other books, please go to:New York Times best selling "What Doesn't Kill Us":“The Red Market”:“The Enlightenment Trap”: resources: Steven Kotler and Wim HofToday Scott joins us to talk about Identifying the Wedge and How To Disrupt Patterns of Behaviour.Tune In:00:32- Nexus Being a Journalist and Being an AnthropologistScott has written for several american publications and continues writing to a bigger audience. He is the author of four books, and his works consist of blending methods and questions of anthropology. Dutch fitness guru Wim Hof has been his guide and has inspired his life with his immersing into cold and breathing techniques. With his book “What Doesn’t Kill Us” he explores the true connection between the mind and the body and reveals the science that allows us to push past our perceived limitations; with his new book “The Wedge”, he investigates into the limits of endurance discovering how humans have a moment of control over automatic physiological responses into the breaking point between stress and biology. We have the power in how to react and that is according to the state our nervous system is in, either parasympathetic referred to the system that restores the body to rest or sympathetic referred to the system that prepares the body for the fight or flight response, both branches of the vagus nerve.“We have the power in how we react to stress”09:50 - Reasons Why We Spend So Much of Our Time JackedScott refers to grit and individuality when talking about spending so much time jacked. People tend to love grit, impose their will on the world and feel they always have to be the best. In a competitive world people have a drive to compare themselves to others, and don’t really know what they want. Scott mentions Steven Kotler who talks about “Flow” and about the way people see “Flow”. Flow is about cooperating with the environment and the energy around you, but people from their ego use it to valorize moments of others. Flow is about connecting with others and not about ego.“We are always trying to become some version of perfection, and that is a big mistake”12:55 - Scott’s Favourite Wedges To Shift StateScott uses his ten techniques and they have helped him see people the way they are. He considers only one truth as to who we are as a person, and it is defined by who we are and how we respond under pressure or any potential danger. Clearly moments of rest don’t define us but are necessary. We need to focus on taking on challenges knowing that when we face them, sensations come in through our nerves inducing emotions. Like if you overcome something frightening, you could always stop and take a moment to see what you can do; you have the power of choice to shift state.“The association with the external environment, the sensation and the emotion, is all part of one process that acts together”16:12 -Extremes Scott Faces in His Daily RoutineScott assures his days are much better when he has faced something difficult. He has a daily practice to make this possible. He starts his day off with the Wim Hof breathing protocol method, followed by a cold shower. The breathing consists of practicing on a technique that will take you to hold your breath for a long period of time, and taking a cold shower consists of trying to relax in that stressful situation. The whole idea is to trigger the sympathetic branch, toggle both parasympathetic and sympathetic branches and exercise them so we can become more emotionally resilient; these techniques can help anxiety, depression or emotional disorder.“If I am able to control both branches, I am able to have emotional resilience in all areas”20:40 - Benefits of Modulating Our Response To StimulusScott explains how threats and responses to those threats have changed overtime. In the old days, dangers had a physical response therefore the whole emotional cycle was taken care of. Nowadays anxiety is very common due to the capitalist world full of stimuli we live in. Scott explains how modulating our response to threats or feeding our body with stress to then control it in stress we can become emotionally much better. He refers to autoimmunity and autoimmune illnesses in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your body, but If you give it something to do, the adrenaline starts working in a proper way, your autoimmune system gets better and your illness can go away. Based on clinical settings you can stop the immune response and control the uncontrollable; the placebo effect is another clear example of this.“You can control responses that are uncontrollable”32:02 - Wedge Exercises You Can Start Implementing Safely Back at HomeThe route of “The Wedge” is to bond sensation with emotion. Scot talks about how usually emotions are attached to sensations that already exist. Through exercises we can bond new emotions to sensations. He mentions two : when doing difficult things, do them in a certain positive mindset that you would like to project forward into the future with those difficult things, or make joyful experiences difficult emotionally in order to change some other fundamental association in your body. He recommends a cardio exercise which is breathing through your nose while doing exercise. That will generate anxiety but slowly will help you build tolerance to carbon dioxide, so in the long run, you will be more tolerant to anxiety. The whole idea is to be dynamic and more comfortable in more places, and that is possible as long as we keep in movement with the coming and going between ranges of rest and pushing boundaries.“The reason why we take on challenges is to expand our range and our capabilities”44:13 - Meaning of “Inspired Evolution” According To ScottScott talks about how we have stopped evolving as mammals but have the ability to evolve as people. Technology takes a very important part in our life, and we rely on it to affect our bodies and to advance towards the future, but we also need to be conscious and connect with other people.“Think bigger, not only about who we are as individuals, but about who we are as a community of people together”Connect with Scott:Website: the Inspired Evolution Community:Facebook:

Shanna Lee on The Truth is Ultimate Harmony

Shanna Lee is an intuitive coach, writer, speaker and the founder of The Soul Frequency, a platform created to teach people how to go from a successful life to living authentically and being fulfilled. Shanna has her own podcast and is the number one best selling author of “The Soul Frequency: Your Health, Awakened and Authentic Life”About ShannaAfter having built a successful financial and respected career, Shanna realized that reaching the top made her unhappy and unfulfilled. She discovered that her whole career journey was based on expectations, when it should have been based on intuition. That is how she decided to knock down this reality and construct a new fulfilling one based on a unique intuitive insight on life, love and truth. She now helps others work out their own intuition in order to create an authentic life. She has coached over three hundred people in the areas of personal performance, business development and creative endeavors, including executives of Fortune 500 companies, notable Broadway stars and small business owners.Today Shanna joins us to talk about The Truth is Ultimate Harmony.If you interested in reading Shanna Lee’s book, please go to: In:00:55- Defining Soul FrequencyShanna defines soul frequency as your own energetic fingerprint. As from her own experience understanding it and knowing about all its facets, Shanna now teaches you how to understand your own energy, as well as how to be embodied and aligned with it.“Just like we have a unique fingerprint, we have a unique energy”01:40 - How do we Identify our Energetic Fingerprint?Shanna talks about acceptance as one of the major reasons why we develop things that are out of alignment with our own energy. Addictive behaviour and distraction are a couple of symptoms of disharmony in our life and when these take place, we are not experiencing life fully on an emotional level. Shanna mentions that being aligned to what we have come here for generates a flow of energy which fulfills our soul and generates tons of opportunities for you.“When energy creates opportunities for you, that is how you know you are in harmony”06:20 - Difference between Alignment and BalanceAlignment and balance are two different things and Shanna wades into nature to make that difference clear. She refers to expansion and contraction. In regards to alignment, you are going to have a lot of universal forces and opportunities at your back which can make you feel “expansive” but can also make you feel overwhelmed. This is where balance takes action by choosing and deciding when to stop and rest “contract” from all those opportunities that are coming in. Contraction is necessary to find your balance, it avoids burn-out from living in constant expansion and allows a greater expansion than before.“Like in nature, everything that expands, contracts”14:22- Challenges and Lessons in Shannon’s LifeShanna thinks life lessons are about strength and understanding humanity, and talks about the challenge of making new choices. After having gone through a massive experience herself, she strongly believes in our ability to make choices that can create new realities for ourselves. In her experience, reaching what she thought was the top of her successful career would make her more and more unfulfilled and unhappy. She was able to make space for a choice, either go on with an unfulfilling life or step aside, and create a new one. She created a new one, one with a spiritual awakening and based on intuition.“Making new choices is our human super power”23:46 - The Truth Will Heal YouThere are universal and personal truths that can change in time. Shanna talks about truth as energetic alignment, as something that turns things into motion and can change people’s trajectories in life. With truth you start making choices as from a right stand point. She brings people’s truths only up to conscious awareness, then it takes an energetic life of its own, choosing its own track to evolve. Truth can come from different areas in life and shift energy in other spaces, but there is always some point from where we can start to get to the deeper truth. Shanna also talks about collective vibration. She believes that we are a collective vibration of what is inside of us, so if we create harmony within, vibration will be harmony in our life and in our environment.“Truth is ultimate harmony”Connect with Shanna:Website: the Inspired Evolution Community:Facebook:

Kristina Mand-Lakhiani Mindvalley Co-Founder on Self Acceptance and Authenticity

Kristina Mand-Lakhiani on Self Acceptance & AuthenticityKristina Mand-Lakhiani as the co-founder of MindValley is a serial entrepreneur. Her esteem as an international speaker is celebrated throughout the world. Kristina captures audiences with her powerhouse charm and relatability.About KristinaKristina is the co-founder of Mindvalley. She specialises in personal transformation. Her multitude of talents as a speaker, artist, philanthropist, wife and mother inspire millions.Kristina builds on a career advising the Estonian government, leading to work in the non-profit sector and for the UN. Ever entrepreneurial, Kristina brings us Mindvalley Russian. The goal is to take the best English speaking authors and teachings to the Russian market.Commencing in 2009, Mindvalley Russian is now the biggest publisher of personal growth study programmes in the Russian market.Kristina is a world-class expert at capturing audiences. A guru of internet marketing. Kristina as a result speaks at world’s leading internet marketing events. Her drive harnesses the power of a big and challenging Russian market.Level up your life with unlimited access to every Mindvalley Quest Program (over 30+ programs). All Yours. Instantly. Introducing Self AcceptanceKristina tells us where the self acceptance journey begins. The importance of being honest with yourself. Controlling the mental dialogue. Finding the place where you can dispel the false shame we put on ourselves.09:18“Every tool in personal growth requires appropriate timing to be applied.”17:53 Reading FictionThe importance of reading fiction. Kristina tells about how experiences in life are the catalysts for growth. Reading fiction can be the framework to enjoy experiences you may never otherwise have the chance to have in life.21:35“Transformation does not just come from knowledge… it is from experience of life plus consciousness.”27:25 I’m EnoughFinding the drive to do more. Activation through self acceptance. Rewiring how we think about success, flow, resistance and challenges.28:17“If you accept yourself fully you can express yourself fully.”30:28 EducationWe jump into the current societally accepted educational platforms. What is success? What is happiness? How do we achieve both? Kristina guides us through the importance of differentiating between success and happiness.36:47“If we separate society’s idea of success with that which makes me happy then we might be doing totally different things with our lives.”38:20 Depression, Stress & GuiltStress causes stress. The dangers of ‘the S word’ (should/shouldn’t). Kristina’s “how to” on breaking the cycles of turning everything against yourself.38:33 Get Tara Brach’s – Radical Acceptance here:“Cut out the worry about worry.”49:20 DeathDispelling the challenges around death. Learning to befriend death. Accepting the only certainty we face despite the discomfort it causes. Diving into how we got to the place we are at now, where we are living fearfully, disconnected from death.58:10“Uncertainty is the name of the game. We are just not aware of that.”Bonus Quotes:08:48“We are all born with self acceptance, it is just how deep you are willing to go with it.”13:30“We deny ourselves our flaws.”25:20“The biggest lie we have been told is “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.”32:29“I was lucky, my idea of happiness coincided with society's idea of success.”49:40“In the earth there is another earth and it's much bigger than the one we can see.”Connect with KrinstinaFacebook: the Inspired Evolution Community:Facebook:

Marie Diamond - Feng Shui Expert on Activating Abundance

Marie is a renowned transformational speaker, leader and author. Energy governs all. She activates spaces as 3-D vision boards. She’s the world leading expert on Feng Shui. Her success founded Diamond Feng Shui. Marie hosts a world-class reputation for cultivating success, health and spiritual wisdom in millions of people.About MarieMarie Diamond is a bestselling author and one of the world’s top transformational speakers.Creator of Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing, and Inner Diamond Meditation. Marie oozes lifestyle abundance in all of her practices. Marie utilises her profound knowledge of energy with her broad extensive studies of Quantum Physics, Meditation, Feng Shui and Dowsing. Bringing about abundance throughout life and inspiring others to do the same.Marie is a Founding Member of the Global Transformational Leadership Council. She is also both Founder and President of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.Marie’s impressive client base includes Steven Spielberg, The Rolling Stones, Marianne Williamson, BP, Exxon Mobil, and many more. Marie similarly guides governments around the world with her in-depth knowledge of leadership."Feng Shui For Life" with Marie Diamond.Is an incredible Mindvalley Quest.Discover The Easy Way To Harness The Science Of Feng Shui, Accelerate Your Manifesting Power, And Attract Greater Success, Prosperity, Love & Wellness Into Your Life accessible with a Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass - Numerology: Find You Energy NumberGet your unique energy number at .Marie helps us understand our energy numbers. She applies Feng Shui to activate more abundance, successm health and flourishing realtionships.. Marie reminds us that our environment is vitally important. She illuminates that it can support us in acheiving everything we are striving for.08:03“Your environment is not only supporting your brainwaves, also your alignment with your chakras.”11:06 Environmental HologramEverything carries energy. Everything. Marie shares the secret of how to manage the entity that is your home. Achieving exponential growth can occur in a space that welcomes it. Marie guides us through her principles. How to ensure your home serves your goals.15:47“When you have an enlightening home, it's easier to be enlightened.”17:39 Finding Power PositionsMake yourself the King or Queen of your space. Marie reveals how. The importance of positioning yourself and objects is simplified and explained. Marie explains the simple tools and their numerous benefits, These tools are easy to apply. Which way your desk faces? Which way do your feet point whilst sleeping? What to place behind you and when?. Become the powerful conductor of your space.20:31“The deeper the space in front of you… the more you can manifest”23:05 Cultivating AbundanceUnderstanding your energy (through your energy report number) enables you to invite abundance. Marie describes her practices that have brought the greatest abundance to her world. The importance of using different spaces to cultivate abundance of different forms.“Everything in the world is perfect, and it can be even more perfect!”31:31 Decluttering and Feng Shui Best PracticesLess is more. Everything in your home needs space. Marie asks us to let our belongings and spaces breathe. From entrances to mirrors, Marie teaches us “the big no-nos” of Feng Shui.35:48“When they enter a room, ensure that they see you first!”36:40 Colours, Power Objects & Feng Shui CyclesWhat they are, where they live, and how to use them more effectively. Marie tells us about her favourite power objects and how to care for them. Make them serve you and bring you more power and abundance. The Feng Shui Cycles are of space and time. Not just space. Marie shares a deep understanding of the Feng Shui cycles enabling us to take advantage of them.39:08“Make your vision boards power objects”44:00 Marie’s Spiritual KickstartMarie tells us of the challenges that continue to shape her spiritual development. Creating the powerful Marie that exists today.49:34“It is the reaction to the challenges [we face] that make them become lessons and insights.”Bonus Quote:52:50“You cannot evolve if you do not have clarity about who you are.”Connect with MarieFacebook: the Inspired Evolution Community:Facebook:

Nathalie Heynderickx on the Keys to Living a Mindful Life

Our guest for this week is Nathalie Heynderickx; the bridge between consciousness and management, a specialist of everything in between, and the founder of Zen High Achiever foundation.About Nathalie HeynderickxNathalie has spent her life honing and developing a commonly overlooked skillset in the corporate world, and as such has become a principal resource in corporate mindful leadership. She shares her experience and deep knowledge of the IT industry to bring balance and calm to high pressure workplaces, whilst maintaining or often increasing productivity. Nathalie is best recognised as the founder of Zen High Achiever foundation with an impressive client portfolio including Peugeot, BP, HP, Mars, ASIC, AGL Energy, Air Services and Bendigo Bank.This is Nathalie’s second time joining us and was in fact our first guest ever. Today she joins us on our third anniversary to talk about the key to living a mindful life.Connect with NathalieLinkedIn: A Journey into Health & PeaceNathalie dives into the importance of routine, self-practice and her formula for ensuring she sets up each day for continued and sustained achievement. Taking great influence from Indian traditions and the doshas movements through the day, Nathalie defines how she utilises ancient wisdom in establishing how she traverses each day to maintain balance throughout her life.“Catch the wave as soon as it comes… be more aligned with the cycles of nature”20:40 Brazilian Spirituality or World Spirituality?Discussing the notion of separations of spirituality by location, Nathalie explains her view that now, in the world we live in today, spirituality and their associated practices are no longer locked to any specific place but are available to all.22:02“Modern yoga belongs to humanity”25:30 Defining MindfulnessThe two crucial elements around mindfulness can be broken down to focus and awareness. Nathalie shares how she incorporates all the facets of what she does under the umbrella of ‘mindfulness’. She tells us of a dear friend and teacher who is a monk in a monastery in Sydney, he explained to her that “mindfulness is like the footprint of the elephant” as within the footprint of the elephant we can fit the footprint of all the other animals.27:07“Nature increases our awareness to what is happening in our environment”30:47 Implementing ForgivenessWe head down the rabbit hole of forgiveness and how to do it with greater ease and how it ultimately benefits all, and how the ability to forgive yourself is crucial. Nathalie talks on how you are in control of your own world and being actively forgiving only improves your reality. People routinely require our forgiveness but potentially without even knowing, and therefore too we are consistently being forgiven by others without even knowing about it.42:31“Radical acceptance is the cornerstone of self-compassion”43:40 Boundaries and Accepting Being UncomfortableHere Nathalie explains how we can look beyond the ego mask that we all wear and how to see beyond negative pain or emotions through courage and acceptance. Drawing on the actions of living and past saints it becomes clear that creating boundaries does not serve us. We discuss how we are triggered by our imperfections and that is why we set up boundaries, we are all continuous works in progress.46:02Tara Brach – Radical Acceptance“I’m pretty sure Christ had no boundaries”Bonus Quotes:1:06:50“Consistency and commitment equate to the result you get; it doesn’t come for free”At the end of the podcast, Nathalie recommends Sean Corn's book "Author of Revolution of the Soul", available here:

Marianne Williamson on Spiritual Activism (The Power of Love)

Marianne Williamson is a spiritual thought leader, political activist andNew York Times bestselling author who until recently was a US Presidential Candidate.About Marianne WilliamsonFor over three decades Marianne has been a leader in spiritual and religiously progressive circles. She is the author of 14 books, four of which have been #1 New York Times best sellers. Browse her author page here: quote from the mega best seller A Return to Love, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” is considered an anthem for a contemporary generation of seekers. with Marianne:Website: In:Politics vs SpiritualityMarianne shares the significance of the consciousness shift of the 21st century. This will determine the sustainability of life on earth in the next 50 years. It’s the transition from individualism to collectivism. An integration of our interconnectedness to the rest of the world. We can no longer remain disconnected from our politics. If we don’t do politics - politics will do us. This is no longer a matter of choice. It’s a matter of evolution. If we don’t evolve our spirituality and our politics, Marianne shared her conviction, the human species will die.“At a certain point, you will not be on the path alone, for you will be joined by mighty companions.”Conscious CapitalismWe are here to heal and repair the world. Averting yourself away from compassion to avoid politics is what you call the new “capitalist spirituality”. Enlightened societies have both capitalism and socialism elements. Education, healthcare and economic opportunity allow hard working citizens to achieve their dreams.“There’s no serious spiritual tradition that gives us a pass on the suffering of other sentient beings.”Activate Your Spirit & Serve LifeJesus didn’t say “love yourself”. He said to “Love Each Other”. The best version of ourselves is actually the worst version of ourselves... If it doesn't include the version of our self extended into the public domain. We’re here to serve. We’re not indispensable. It’s vitally important to have an internal guidance system. Remember that you take care of the future by fully living in the present.“Spiritual conviction is understanding that you only get to keep what you give to others.”Power & LoveThere is flow and synergy between love and power. Between divine masculinity and the divine feminine. Both elements are equally important. There is a dynamic power to the masculine and magnetic power to the feminine. As Martin Luther King put it:“Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.”Wage PeaceWage peace. Wow. Marianne goes deep. Tune in and learn about the four statistical indicators that will show a higher incident of peace within a community. She believes that addressing the suffering of others should be our core political and spiritual mission. That’s just the beginning of how we wage peace.“War is the absence of peace, peace is not the absence of war.”Join the Inspired Evolution Community:Facebook:

Mason Taylor on Levels of Health Beyond Immunity

Mason Taylor on Levels of Health Beyond Immunity (An alternative COVID Health Fortification Conversation)Our guest for this week is Mayson Taylor, founder ofAustralia’s leading tonic herb and medicinal mushroom provider, SuperFeast.​Use the code INSPIREDEVO​ at checkout for a 10% discount across the entire SuperFeast herb range at Mason TaylorMason is a wellness educator, professional speaker, retreat facilitator and a thought leader. He inspires and teaches people to embrace natural healing, while creating a dynamic health philosophy. Having spent many years studying herbalism and the benefits of eastern medicine, Mason has successfully founded his own brand of herbal tonics called SuperFeast.Connect with Mason:Website: In:Quarantine ImmunityMason shares his powerful perspective on immunity and how to access levels of health even deeper than immunity. Helping people around the world are findingtheir center. He sheds light on the difference between eastern and western concepts of immunity. Reflecting on the pursuit for that vitality and security within.“It’s not a coincidence that godliness is cleanliness.”Life CyclesTune into the motions of the planet and its seasons. Mason encourages us to find balance and harmony through understanding nature and its elements. He dives deep on how to establish a health practice that explores immunity intuitively and is balanced in both yin and yang, resting and doing.“If it (health) feels ambiguous, go into that ambiguity and feel that feeling -- That’s a great meditation!”A day in a life of Mason TaylorMason shares his current daily routine. Peer into a day-in-the-life of Mason. From starting early and drinking warm water first thing in the morning, to going over his herbal supplement ceremony, he shares some COVID relevant insights on how various practices can greatly affect your wellbeing. Ít shouldn't have to be hard - it should flow. Intention is a critical element. And from there is all about consistency. Setting principles in place based on key basic elements and find a consistent flow.“Drop into the heart and feel the stillness and infinity within”Flow & MoveMason invites us to be even more in tune with our bodies and shares how to develop a practice. Shattering labels such as dietary and exercise - “just move” . I can begin by simply looking at and allowingyour body to be present with what’s occurring - you’re already initiating the flow with movement - be perceptive.“Connect with your body and start doing what’s useful for your body”SleepMason finally wraps up his perspective on sleep and why it’s the ultimate yin practice. He reminds us agin to remove the labels from sleep and what we “think” it’s about. It's so much deeper than what we can “know” and “understand”. He shines a light on sleep and how you can watch your tendencies and your relationship with self.“Finding your way with harmony - sleep is intrinsic.”Join the Inspired Evolution Community:Facebook:

Benny Fergusson the Movement Monk on How to Heal your Mind-Body Connection

Our guest for this week is Benny Fergusson, founder and program director of Movement Monk.About Benny FergussonBenny was quite active until his unfortunate spinal injury which led to chronic scoliosis. After living with pain for years without getting any lasting relief from therapy, he went on a mind and body healing which profoundly changed his life. With years of research, practice and meditation art, Benny has successfully restored his physical freedom. This has paved the way in establishing a method of functional movement, developed with the intention to restore the body to its natural powerful state called “The Movement Monk Project”. He has been working as a physical therapist and movement teacher for over 16 years and is also a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Patterning (NLP).Connect with BennyYoutube: http://movementmonk.xyzTune In:Manifestation of Consciousness in the bodyBenny shares to us his knowledge of how our mind and body can have two different conversations in terms of affecting our nervous system. The whole somatic reality of mind and body reflects each other. Listening to the body could help us connect to who we really are, for us to have a harmonious moment within ourselves. He further elaborates the unfolding process of consciousness. By expanding perception, allowing flowing energy, freedom of breath, movement quality, and movement capacity, we are able to fully reconnect with our body and gain freedom.“The body is a wonderful reflection of what’s going on with the mind…”The Building Blocks At some point in our life, we’ll have at least one song that would touch our heart; a song perfectly needed at the moment. Benny metaphorically used music to expand on the modular processes of the five building blocks in discerning our highest need.“If there’s anything within us that’s like a handbrake on… When we get into that space where we’re using our bodies, moving our bodies or working with our bodies with that internal hand break off, then it just makes the process a lot more graceful.”Symptom versus essence of an intentionEveryone has their own share of uniqueness and Benny further delves into how we are all subjected to a certain level of conditioning in our society. Know how this cultural set up has brought about emerging patterns of safety and belongingness issues.. When we’re not feeling safe, our body is unfocused and unable to feel what’s going on. This will consequently manifest as symptoms. Benny goes on by describing how to respond rather than react to these body sensations through his process called “Break Through Your Pain”.“If you can listen to the whispers then the body doesn't need to scream”Wisdom of the body and burning outAll living things go through the cycle of activity, rest and charged momentum. Benny also went through a lethargic phase from his aggravated spinal injury. This rest cycle has fuelled his desire to search for his midpoint between bringing restfulness into the acts he was doing. Get to discover how situations can often come as opportunities for you to connect towards greater levels of alignment. Consciousness is not bound by time and sometimes rest is needed to have the energy to take on what’s coming.“Find the balancing counterpart to support them on their own journey”Join the Inspired Evolution Community:Facebook: