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Stream Me: Ads on Streaming Media

Americus and Frost Prioleau, Co-Founder and CEO of, discuss Connected TV (CTV), "Over the Top" (OTT) and effective marketing on those platforms.

Frost Prioleau is the Co-Founder and CEO of An experienced online advertising executive specializing in targeting, optimization, and technology, Prioleau focuses on corporate strategy, driving’s growth, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Prior to, Prioleau was the CEO and Founder of Personifi, a contextual and behavioral targeting company. The firm was acquired by Collective Media in 2008. While at Collective, Prioleau served as General Manager of the Technology Solutions Group.

Considered to be a thought leader in online advertising, Prioleau often speaks on the topic at industry trade shows. In addition, he shares his opinions and insights about retargeting in his monthly column published on Search Engine Land. Prioleau is a graduate of Princeton University, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering Management Systems.

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Friday, April 2, 2021

Movers & Shakers, Spreading Joy Through Digital Disruption

Movers + Shakers is an award-winning creative agency, born in 2016 as a collaboration between Broadway performer & director Geoffrey Goldberg and marketing expert Evan Horowitz. Their unique combination of music and marketing has led to a series of record-breaking campaigns across digital platforms. Throughout, the team focuses on spreading joy, and turning this positive emotional experience into brand love.Market advertising is always a shifting landscape. If you look at the evolution of advertising originally it was just about conveying a brand's message in a very one-directional sort of way. That evolved to the inclusion of entertainment and connecting with the audience on a more emotional level. And more recently we've seen participatory advertising where a brand is inviting their users to co-create the marketing in collaboration with a brand campaign. A recent campaign was launched last summer with e.l.f. cosmetics in the form of a TikTok native reality show. The reality show was created and aimed at TikTok users to help them become beauty influencers. Over 3,000 nomination videos were received and from there three lucky winners got to go through a month-long beauty camp where they were being mentored and trained by successful TikTok influencers on how to be successful. The daily series was broadcasted on e.l.f.'s TikTok brand channel and ended up increasing the following of their channel by over 50%.Digital disruption should happen in an organic and native way to the user, as opposed to being jarring. In addition, brands should not just copy/paste their brand strategy across the many social media channels that are available. Movers + Shakers provides those proven shortcuts and strategies to implement for success that feels authentic to the environment.