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Chocolate was your weakness, now it's your strength! FLAVA Reboot

What began in October 2014 with reading an article about a Columbia University study that linked chocolate consumption with enhanced memory led to a three-year quest to develop delicious, naturally sourced, high-flavanol chocolate that promotes wellness, performance, and achievement.

The result is two breakthrough chocolate products, FlavaBars and FlavaMix, which deliver 5X to 9X the plant based cocoa flavanol anti-oxidants of a typical dark chocolate bar. 

Alan Frost Founder of the company flavanaturals and Beth Lorge VP of Marketing discuss the intricacies of marketing (Segmentation Targeting Positioning and Messaging) healthy chocolate in two product forms: Powder and Bars. There's lots of science behind the clinically testing of cocoa flavanols and the question becomes who is the target? [1] High performance athletes seeking performance benefits or [2] Chocolate Loving consumers who want to not feel guilty? What to focus on? How to do it? And how to do it as a start-up.

Listen to this fascinating conversation with Professor Americus Reed!

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