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Maija Soderholm

Maija Soderholm​ was a long time private student of the late Filipino sword master Sonny Umpad, and an official inheritor of his system. He taught that every weapon you put in your hand had a personality, and that by merely holding in your hand should tell you it's function - how it should move, and what it was meant for. His own designs and modifications truly had a life of their own. They were things of beauty and truly 'sung' in the hand.

In her other life working in construction and as a scenic artist, she has spent the better part of the last 30 years using tools, and has developed a deep distaste for poor design and a loathing of mediocrity . "Of course I am skilled enough to paint a straight line with a cheap brush, but how much more satisfying to do it with one designed by someone who knew what it was for".

You can find Maija's two books on Amazon:

The Liar the Cheat and the Thief: Deception and the Art of Sword


The Hustler: Sword Play and the Art of Tactical Thinking