Grim Reaper Gamers Reapercast


ReaperCast Episode 15 Special Guest: Shortbus

Ep. 115

Member Spotlight: Shortbus

New game releases/gaming news 

Destiny TKK still going strong

Breaking news per Major Nelson party chat will now support up to 12 people on X1 and the Win 10 Xbox app

Star Wars Battlefront Beta will be open to everyone starting 10/8

R6 Siege beta thought

Community recap/news 

On the XBOX side

Destiny TTK Iron Banner also being played on Clan night, with raids/strikes throughout the week – 2 Full XBox rooms

COD–clan night on Wednesdays 9-11 PM EST with Disney/Beers (is this necessary, it’s just about dead). Also running on Tuesdays 9-11 PM EST with Grex

Drunken Destiny Friday Night – Vikes – 10/16

Iron Banner Saturday Night – Vikes – 10/17

BF4 Beatdown – Mondays with Tex

Old School Halo Night – 10/22 – JH

Gnasher Fridays on Gears of War with Disney starting around 9:00 p.m.

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