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ReaperCast Episode 19 Special Guest: Cootersaurus Rex

Ep. 19

ITunes/Google Play Music pimping!

New game releases/gaming news 

SW: Battlefront Released 11/17

Fallout 4 review (Dig)

Black Ops 3 made over 500 million in its first 3 days

Halo V adds Big Team Battle – Free update

RB6 Open Beta Nov. 25-29

Today started 2XP weekend for Blops 3

Extra Life total was over 7 million dollars!

Latest Blops update broke the game. Way to go Treyarch!!

Community events 

11/20 Battlefront Drunken Friday PS4 w/Klown

11/20 Friday Night FFA – BLOPS3 XB1 w/Digital

11/21 BLOPS 3 Double XP Extravaganza!

11/23 Monday Night Halo w/Grex

11/23 GTA V With AlphaMack – PS4

11/23 BLOPS3 Beatdown w/Texas – XB1

11/24 Tard Free Tuesday Blops w/Tuttle – PS4

11/24 Star Wars Battlefront w / JH

11/25 GRG Community Night – Turkey Eve

* Upcoming clan events

Black Ops 3 One Night Only Tournament – Coming soon!

Member spotlight– Cootersaurus Rex

Threads of the week

How to share and download custom paint jobs & emblems on black ops 3 (not working on PS4 unfortunately)

Did Ronda Rousey get the EA curse?

Elgato HD60 Amazon Steal! Elgato HD60 & a Travel case $129.99 Courtesy of klown

Videos of the week? Dig might or might not have some

Potato of the month – Ubisoft for refusing to push back the release of RB6 Siege?

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