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ReaperCast Episode 21 Special Guest: QuantimKlutz

What’s in your glass? 

ITunes/Google Play Music 

New game releases/gaming news 

GTA Update
Halo 5 Update

Community events 

Friday Night 12/18

Friday night FFA – Blops 3 – Digital (XB1)/Klown (PS4)
Friday night after hours Blops3 – Disney (XB1)

Sunday Night 12/20

Cooter’s Cootertastic Battlefield 4 Event (PS4) 

Monday Night 12/21

Halo Monday Nights with Sexy Grexy
Black Ops Bout – AlphaMack (PS4)

Tuesday Night 12/22

Tuesday Night Battlefront – Tex (XB1)

Wednesday Night 12/23

GRG Community Night – BLOPS3, GTA V, Ark

Friday 12/25

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals!

Upcoming clan events

Black Ops 3 One Night Only Tournament – 1/27  Post is up in the forums  


Member spotlight– QuantumKlutz

Top threads–

Ark thread
Hacking threat for Christmas?

Videos of the week

Potato of the month – Vikes! (Disney picked this one)

Clan Hype shit 

Welcome all the new members in the Clan.  This week we got many people on both platforms, and recruiting is bringing more in.
Call for EDITED videos
Next show on January 7th w/member spotlight Beers & Leafs!

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