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ReaperCast Episode 22 Special Guest: Beers and Leafs

Ep. 22

New game releases/gaming news

Recap of GRG’s top games of 2015

RB6 Siege’s 1st DLC, Operation Black Ice coming out in February

Kojima to be inducted into DICE Awards HOF in February/New exclusive partnership with Sony

Community events

Friday Night 1/8

RB6 Siege with Disney (XB1)

Let’s L2Tanks with Klown (PS4)

Monday Night 1/11

Monday Night Halo with Sexy Grexy (XB1)

Tuesday Night 1/12

Tuesday Night Battlefront with Tex (XB1)

L2ARK with Digital (XB1)

Friday Night 1/15

RB6 Siege with JH (PS4)

If anyone else is interested in hosting an event please post up in the forums

* Upcoming clan events

Black Ops 3 One Night Only Tournament – 1/27 Signups are now closed but we are taking subs in case people don’t show. See the forums for the thread to sign up.

Member spotlight– Beers & Leafs

Thread 3 threads–

Activision rumored to have purchased MLG

ARK XB1 on 115

Community Night Focus

* Videos of the week? We will have to check w/Dig

Potato of the month –

Clan Hype

Welcome all the new members in the Clan. This week we got many people on both platforms, and recruiting is bringing more in.

Call for EDITED videos

Next show on January 21st w/member spotlight Cridlander!

Facebook Page (also in the forums as well)

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