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The ReaperCast – 38 – Preview/Early Access – good for gaming?

Ep. 38

Gaming News

* No Man’s Sky Release 8/9

* XBox Summer Update Rollout begins

* Cortana assistant

* Background Music (background music functionality is only supported by the Pandora app, but Microsoft has said it is introducing more apps soon.)

* Win 10 Anniversary Update

Xbox Friends List Integration

* Party Chat

* PC Games showing as being played in Xbox FL Menu

* Xbox Messages Notifications on PCs

* XBox Slim Release

* Overwatch releases LucioBall. Overwatch’s version of Rocket League

* New Clues to new Overwatch Character – Sombra

Main Topic – Preview/Early Access – good for gaming?

* Are we paying to be beta testers?

* Who benefits more – gamer or developer?

* Do preview program members feel too entitled/expect too much?

* Are the risks worth it?

Clan Hype

* GRG Extra Life

* Next show recorded on August 18th

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