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The ReaperCast – 39 – Gamescom Edition

Gaming News / Gamescom News

Titanfall beta 

* Titanfall beta on consoles only

* Beta release soon

BF1 Beta 

* August 31st for XB1, PS4 and PC

* Sinai Desert map will be the beta map

* 2 Game Modes, Conquest (64 Players) and Rush (24 Players)

WWE 2016 Free with Games with Gold

Rocket League adding 8 sided Arena

No Man’s Sky

* Controversy over statements made now being backtracked

* Possibility of finding friends online stated, now proven you can’t.

* Initial statement DLC would be free, now backtracking

* Other issues gamers have (Reddit )

* NMS vs Elite – compare/contrast (Enyo)

GamesCom News

* For Honor

* Steep

* Metal Gear Survive

* Final Fantasy 15 Delay Confirmed

* Gears of War 4 PC Minimum Specs

* Star Wars Battlefront Battle Station Game Mode

* Destiny – Rise of Iron

Clan Hype

* GRG Extra Life

* Next show recorded on September 1st

* GRG Facebook Page

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