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The ReaperCast – 42 – The Destiny Review

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* Tuesday Destiny Reset Night – Combo of crucible, strikes, nightfalls

* Wednesday Night Community Night – Destiny Private Lobby/Strikes

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Gaming News

* Extra Life: November 5th

* GTA Online: Bikers Oct 4th

* Vivendi ups stake in Ubisoft to 20.1% – closer to takeover.

* Twitch Auto Hosting

* Super Mega Baseball 2 announced – Super Mega Baseball part of Games with Gold in Oct

* CoD W@W Back Compat

* Destiny 2 will come to PC

* Destiny: Rise of Iron Release

Main Topic – GRG Thoughts on Destiny: Rise of Iron

* Story

* Strikes

* Raids

* Fresh content or more of the same?

* Overall Thoughts

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