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ReaperCast 45 – Gaming and Relationships (fixed audio)

GRG Community Night

* Monday – Halo Night

* Wednesday Night Community Night BF1 / Iron Banana

* Friday BF1 / GTA / Vault of Glass Raid (Old School Destiny)

Gaming News

* CUBS WIN!!! Now Johnny can stop his whining

* Happy Birthday Marines! 241 years Strong!

* Mass Effect Trilogy now BC on XB1 and on EA Access

* Windows Store and Steam versions of COD:IW can’t play together.

* Windows Store offering refunds

* Call of Duty 2017 speculation

* Nov 2017, Back in time to WWII?

* XBox Preview Program has a new name

* XBox Insider Program – no longer invite only

* GTA Online – cycle races with light cycles.

Main Topic – Gaming and Relationships

* How has gaming affected your personal relationships over the years?

* Do you favor people who game over others in other social aspects?

* Can you develop hatred for someone in digital world?

* Is gaming a beneficial lifestyle/hobby overall?

Community Info

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* Next show recorded on Nov 10th

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