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ReaperCast 47 – GRG’s Holiday Wishlist

GRG Events

* Monday – Titanfall 2 Night

* Tuesday Destiny Iron banner All Week Long

* Wednesday Night Community Night BF1 / TF2 /Destiny

* Thursday Gears of War night

* Friday BF1 / Titanfall

* Shark Monthly Movie Night

Gaming News

* Ghost Recon Beta Sign ups start 12/6

* Battlefront comes to Ea Access vault on 12/13.

* Star Wars Battlefront Rouge One: Scarif DLC released for Ultimate edition on 12/6. Available for all on 12/20

* Major Rocket League Update

Main Topic – GRG Holiday Buying Guide


* XBox One S vs PS4 Pro – pros and cons


* Controller

* XB1 Elite vs XB1 Standard or customized?

* Headsets

* VR


* Rift/Vive (PC options)

* Phone based (Daydream, Samsung Gear)?

* TVs

* Is it time to make the jump to 4K, or is 2017 the year with Scorpio coming?

* Games

* What are the top games to put under the tree?

* Ultimate Gaming Wish List. Pick any gaming item you would want Santa to bring (money is no object).

Community Info

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* Next show recorded on Dec. 22nd

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