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ReaperCast 53 – Are Technical Advances Hurting Gaming

GRG Community Nights

* Monday – Titanfall 2 Night
* Wednesday Night Community Night BF1 / Conan
* Drunken Friday Battlefield 1
* Sunday Driving – Forza Horizons 3

Gaming News

* The Division Update 1.6 The Last Stand DLC
* XBox Game Pass
* BF1 – They Shall Not Pass DLC date revealed, New trailer released
* Bungie Countdown clock – What is it?
* Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC Details released
* Conan Exiles – Coming to Xbox as a Preview Game
* Read best of thread on last week’s topic – balancing life and gaming.
* Our thoughts on the upcoming Logan movie

Main Topic – Are technical advances hurting gaming? Is story taking a backseat to better graphics and/or gimmicks?
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